NYLA’s Distinguished Service Award

[Previously known as the Above & Beyond Award which replaced the Lifetime Achievement Award]


This award recognizes an individual who has made a significant commitment to the advancement of the profession, both by service to their institution and service to NYLA.
The Distinguished Achievement Award will be presented to a NYLA member who meets the following criteria:
•    Active NYLA member for at least 10 years
•    Has made a substantial contribution to the profession and the Association

*This award is for NYLA members who have been involved in all capacities, not just librarians and not just from the largest sections.


The recipient will receive an engraved plaque and recognition at NYLA’s Annual Conference.

The recipient will be acknowledged at the Awards Banquet at NYLA’s Annual Conference, on NYLA's website, and in the NYLA Voice.

Deadline for Nominations: July 7th



Previous Recipients

2023 - Kelly Harris, John Jermain Memorial Library

2022 - Melissa Jacobs, New York City Office of Library Services

The NYLA Distinguished Service Award replaced the Above & Beyond Award.


Previous Above & Beyond Award Recipients

2020 - Dr. Barbara Stripling

2019 - Jean Sheviak

2018 - Carol Desch

2017 - Kathy Miller

2016 - Rocco Staino

2015 - Richard Naylor

2014 - Lisa Wemett

The NYLA Above and Beyond Award replaced the Lifetime Achievement Award.


Previous Lifetime Achievement Recipients

2013 - Marcia Eggleston and Meg Van Patten

2011 - Sarah Kelly Johns

2010 - Frances R. Roscello