For those of you that have not heard, I will be leaving my position as Director of Government Relations & Advocacy with NYLA at the end of the month. It has been an absolute pleasure working with so many of you across the state as well as the team here at Headquarters for the past three years. I am finding it difficult to express the immense gratitude I have regarding my time and experiences while being here. I can say this…

You have expanded my knowledge about this vital industry;

The trust that you provided while I crafted a unique agenda, representative of your diverse community, was valued; lastly

Passion for your peers, your craft, and the betterment of your communities is unique within the world of political advocacy. The legislature and other stakeholders have recognized that the past three years – use that – any way you can.

I am certain on my final day, I will leave HQ with a smile on my face, a tear in my eye, and cherished memories.

Forever YOUR advocate,