Column Description: As a friend of the Cambria Heights Library and a member of the Friends of the Library Section, Aletta is aware of the work, support, and advocacy that the friends provide to and for libraries. Each column will focus on some aspect of being a friend of the library, support that friends provide to libraries, or highlighting a friend of the library.

Congratulations to Friends Vice President WANDA BEST! Ms. Best took the time to present the Relaxing with Visual Art project on August 27, 2022. Wanda has shared her time, treasure, and talent as an artist with the Friends of the Cambria Heights Library before. She has presented in-person and virtual art projects for the Cambria Heights Library community.

When we spoke, Wanda said, “Art is relaxing. We just came through the COVID-19 pandemic. This workshop was an alternative to stressful thoughts. The creation of art is a wonderful stress reliever. The flow is when you are totally immersed in your art activity. Art can distract you from thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are unproductive. The workshop was proactive. The theme was: How are you feeling today? The assignment was: Create art, a painting, about your feelings and emotions today.”

Friends groups throughout New York State may wish to replicate this activity. It gives the community another way to relax and enjoy a library program. The Friends of the Cambria Heights Library, QPL are so thankful to Wanda Best for presenting them, Relaxing with Visual Art Program. Wanda, you are a phenomenal woman!

Aletta Seales received her MLS from Queens College, CUNY after retiring from the NYC Department of Education as a teacher/administrator. She has served as library staff and a volunteer at the Queens Public Library since 2007. Currently, Aletta is the secretary of the Cambria Heights Library Friends group which is part of the Queens Public Library.