Early last week, the calendar for the 2022 Legislative Session was released. You wouldn’t think a white and blue “grid” with a matching color-coded key would be a big deal, but Twitter, email inboxes, and the social lives of advocates (professional and grassroots) would tell you otherwise. 

For the third year in a row, it appears the Legislature will operate in a truncated schedule. While officials will still be “in” for 60 days, they won’t be at the Capitol nearly as late into the Summer as they historically have. 

This year, the session kicks off on Wednesday, January 5, and is scheduled to end on Thursday, June 2. Worth noting, the Senate and Assembly are only scheduled to be at the Capitol for a total of 6 days in April. 

And for those who are wondering how Advocacy Day on March 2 plays into all of this;  we are leading our officials into their busiest month! Both the upper and lower houses are set to gavel in 17/23 business days that month.  I don’t know about you all – but I am incredibly excited for the year ahead!

Bring on the “blue days”!