Available Communication Avenues

NYLA provides multiple avenues for communication for NYLA Units. Below you will find all of the options, if you have any questions please contact marketing@nyla.org.

Email Options

Unit Listservs
Connect with members of your specific Section (being revamped!), Round Table, or Committee.

NYLA Member Blast
If you would like to send something to the entire NYLA membership, email your full message to marketing@nyla.org and we will schedule a time for it to go out.

Email Through Website
Your unit leaders (President, Section's Membership Committee Chair, or Committee Chairs)  can send emails directly from the NYLA website. Contact marketing@nyla.org for details.

Phone Options.

This is a free, web based option for your group. This option allows for others to view your computer screen, as opposed to just a phone conversation.

To reserve a time slot on any of the above options, contact marketing@nyla.org. All are reserved on a first come, first served basis.


Unit Webpages
Each NYLA unit has their own pages on the NYLA websire. Communicate with membership by keeping this updated with content, news, and other pertinent information.

Various Sections, Round Tables, and Committees publish newsletters. For example, the Youth Services Section (YSS) creates a newsletter and then publishes it on the NYLA website. You can view all of their newsletters here.

The NYLA Voice
NYLA publishes a bimonthly eBulletin, each issue Sections, Round Tables, and Committees are invited to submit content updating the rest of the membership about their activities. Send your content to marketing@nyla.org by the FIRST WEDNESDAY odd numbered months (January, March, May, July, September, November) so it can be included in the upcoming issue!