YSS Update

Submitted by Amy Holland, Communications Committee and Web Liaision 

A Message from the YSS President

Do you ever feel like there is too much to consider on any given day? I recently
remembered learning about decision fatigue. (Like we need another fatigue!) This term has been around for a while now, but never really recognized it in myself until recently. Yes I’ve wasted a decision here and there about what to wear… I know some of you have definitely seen me sneaking in and out of the conference hotel with at least 5 bags of clothing and accessories… But the overwhelming amount of information thrown at you at any given day now…social media…emails…constant meetings online… continuing education opportunities…planning said continuing education opportunities…Netflix…

At the writing of this article, we are all making a decision about mask policies, vaccinations and summer programming. Keeping up with all the changes is a full time job in itself!

I’m not planning on tossing all the fun masks I’ve acquired, but I’m also looking forward to being able to communicate in real life with other humans and not keep saying ―What?‖ or simply smiling to someone on the street while wearing sunglasses or even being misinterpreted when telling a joke because you can’t ―smize‖ and your
mask is muffling your laugh.

Life is confusing. Clear, consistent, communication is so important, especially in our roles with children and families Kids are desperate for socialization and activities away from screens. There are families with toddlers that have never been to storytime. Will they come now? What will the storytime environment be like? Will parents caregivers actually start to respect the storytime flannel boundary bubble or will we
lose that new audience to fear and vaccination rules? There are going to be more questions than answers this summer for sure, but another something to think about…. 

Libraries are for everyone right? We have never asked for someone’s proof of vaccination from measles, chickenpox, polio, etc. While I recognize that opens up another can of worms, and I probably should have just shared more pictures of my cat on a leash instead of bringing it up, here we go…Library doors have had plenty of non-vaccinated folks in our buildings for years. We aren’t a school or daycare. We are the great equalizer… But will your library now have a policy on all vaccines? Will children be able to enter your library because they currently are not eligible for a vaccine?

Good thing summer is looking different yet again. Programs are moving outside. Make and Takes/Grab and Goes are here to stay. Libraries now have the COVID Slide to consider in addition to the Summer Slide. When can a slide just be a slide?

As usual, I probably left more questions than answers. But hey, it’s warming up outside and it looks like NYLA 2021 really IS coming to Syracuse! Hopefully we can keep the nice weather up through the Fall.

Have a fantastic summer and don’t forget to VOTE for NYLA leadership!

Amanda Schiavulli
YSS Pandemic President


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