It’s hard to believe that Summer is nearly behind us, but the unofficial end of the season (Labor Day) is just over two weeks away.

What is typically a quiet time for the New York State Legislature – Summer has been anything but this year. Between the insurgence of the Delta variant, the AG’s sexual harassment report, and the dizzying pace of high-level official’s resignations – at times it has been difficult to keep up.

The now-Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul will take the helm as the State’s first female governor soon and, is expected to appoint her own lieutenant as soon as this weekend. The duo will represent a new chapter in New York’s history; one (hopefully) of inclusivity, diversity, and change.

I am intrigued by the relationship that will be formed with the Legislature. What will budget negotiations look like? Will the incoming pair have their own policy agenda? How do their priorities mesh with that of the Senate and Assembly? How will agencies and internal staff shift to meet the needs of the State’s residents? There are so many unknowns. And while anxiety is inevitable during this time, there is also a resounding sense of hope from nearly everyone I speak to.

Lieutenant Governor Hochul has demonstrated her support for the library community in the past and, I am excited to see how we can strengthen our relationship in the coming months and years. We have an opportunity to forge new bonds in the Executive like we haven’t before.

2022 Legislative Session is right around the corner and to say that I am eager would be the understatement of the year.

To achieving great things (virtual “clink”) .

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