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NYLA Web Advertising

NYLA's web advertising includes footer ads, eBulletin ads, and a feature ad in our weekly News You Can Use!

NYLA Annual Conference Program Advertising

 The NYLA Annual Conference distributes a Final Conference Program to each conference attendee. Advertising placements can be a half or full page.

Click here for advertising rates and specifications for the NYLA Annual Conference


NYLA Special Delivery

Send out a custom message directly into the inbox of over 7,000 librarians across NYS! These are $600 each with the option to package these given the duration of the campaign. Please contact for more information and to schedule your Special Delivery.


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Vendor Partnership

As a Vendor Partner, you will have the opportunity to create a Custom Annual Package

Each Package includes:

Choose from some of the following, dependent on the package:

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For more information about advertising opportunities with NYLA e-mail or call Christina Romeo, Marketing and Communications Manager, at 1-800-252-6952 x105.