Personal Membership Application

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First Time NYLA members are offered an introductory rate for the first year. Regular member dues will apply at the start of the member’s second year (see 'Regular' dues description below).

This membership type is provided for those interested in the mission of NYLA, but not classified as regular members - it is specifically provided for "friends" of libraries.

Income Level

This membership includes librarians and others holding positions in library and information delivery organizations. Dues are based on annual income. See menu above to select your annual dues amount.

Time of Retirement

Includes members of NYLA at the time of their retirement. Please select the appropriate menu item above.

Includes individuals enrolled in graduate library school. This class of membership shall not exceed five consecutive years.

This membership type is provided for those who are directly employed in library and information services, but are not librarians.

This membership type is provided for individuals who serve as library trustees.

Membership in one section is included in your basic NYLA membership. Additional sections and round tables are $10 each.