June 2023 | Volume 71 | Number 3

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Executive Director's Report

"While getting to the decision on these recommendations was a heavy lift, the process is just beginning for NYLA Council and headquarters! We are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work, and we will keep you all in the loop along the way. Keep an eye on your email for updates, requests for information, and NYLA news."

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Keepin' Up At The Capitol

"Over the coming weeks, NYLA will be working with its legislative allies in both houses and the Executive chamber to ensure policies we support are signed into law. Your voices will play a crucial part in making sure this comes to pass, so please stay tuned as we will be calling upon you to contact your elected officials and help push these items across the finish line.

As my first session with NYLA comes to a close, I extend my sincere gratitude to you, the members of New York’s library community for welcoming me into your ranks and offering so much kindness and support. I am proud of the work we have done together and I am excited to continue forward as we work together to win further gains for libraries and their patrons in every community across our great state. "

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The Operations Update

"As noted in the last voice, the development timeline for our new system will encompass the next several months, leading up to an estimated launch date of January 2024. We plan to keep the membership informed of all aspects of this process with sneak peeks of the new site, basic member operational tutorials, and some “Get to Know the New NYLA Website” additions in all our NYLA communications. Keep an eye out for all things New NYLA Database in your inbox!"

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