April 2023 | Volume 71 | Number 2

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Executive Director's Report

"Waiting is difficult, especially when timelines are long or uncertain. I also realize that NYLA and I have been asking you for patience since I began at this job over a year ago, as we work hard to untangle our processes, procedures, and financial workings, and to right the proverbial NYLA ship so we can sail successfully into the future.

But after a year of investigating and learning, I also understand the stark realities of our association’s situation, and how necessary this whole process is to our ensuring that NYLA is here to support our profession moving forward."

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From The President-Elect

"April has a lot of library-specific celebration days, and I am grateful to the many library workers throughout our state. Thank you for all that you do to protect the freedom to read and view materials, to attend programs, and for showing up every day for the residents of New York that rely on our libraries."

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Keepin' Up At The Capitol

"For many New Yorkers, the transition between March and April marks the true seasonal progression from winter to spring. Likewise, the same period in Albany is meant to mark the end of budget season and herald the end-of-session push to advance Assemblymembers’ and Senators’ non-budget legislative priorities. Unfortunately, this year that transition is delayed."

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The Operations Update

"With spring just around the corner, the NYLA office is springing into action on initial tasks for our new association management database! That’s right NYLA, we have signed all necessary contracts and met with the team that will assist the NYLA office in transforming our current website and database into a whole new member experience. The office staff has been given a detailed list of tasks we are diligently working on for our next meeting in June when the database support team will really hit the ground running and begin developing our system."

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