February 2023 | Volume 71 | Number 1

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Executive Director's Report

"That change begat another change, as is often the case. I worked with the Executive Committee and the NYLA staff to rethink our staffing structure and ensure that we are running a financially sustainable office with the ability to compensate positions at rates that attract and retain talented folks. To that end, I decided not to fill the Institutional Events Manager position and to restructure the work and currently filled positions."

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From The President-Elect

 "Speaking of engagement, one of my main goals as President-Elect of NYLA, is to engage more with our members. I want to hear from you - what do you want as a NYLA member? Is it more continuing education opportunities? Networking opportunities with your colleagues? Support in your role at work? Assistance with navigating the challenges we seem to face more and more lately, with intellectual freedom issues?"

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Keepin' Up At The Capitol

 "Hello! My name is Max Prime and, as of January 30, 2023, I am NYLA’s new Director of Government Relations & Advocacy. With the departure of former Director Briana McNamee’s at the end of 2022, I have the privilege of stepping into the role and continuing the considerable body of work begun during Bri’s tenure. I thank you all for the opportunity to serve the library community and will do all that I can to advance NYLA’s priorities for 2023."

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The Operations Update

"With all the operational changes NYLA will be making in the next few years, I was invited to join the NYLA voice! Every other month, I will provide a behind the scenes of what we are working on operationally and any reminders, updates, etc. we would like the membership to be aware of. We also discussed making the News You Can Use more robust with what the future holds for NYLA, so make sure you keep an eye out for all things NYLA in your inbox!"

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