August 2022 | Volume 70 | Number 4

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Executive Director's Report

"From the annual conference to our new Open House to getting more involved - your participation always matters. NYLA is of, by, and for our members, and so the best way to make a difference is to get involved and be the change you want to see. Check out what we’re up to and let us know how we can help you to become a more active member of the association. You’ll be better for it, and so will we!‚Äč"

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Find Your Voice in The NYLA Voice

"The New York Library Association is your association – so we are challenging our members to take the plunge and have their voices heard and apply to be a member of the next cohort of writers for The NYLA Voice. This is a customizable commitment based on your availability to write for an award-winning publication in the association world! We value your passions as a librarian – so no topic is too small or too niche to write about. The only requirements to write for The NYLA Voice are to be an active NYLA member and to have a good idea for a column"

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