February 2022 | Volume 70 | Number 1

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From The President

 "As we welcome our new Executive Director, AnnaLee Dragon, I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate the progress we have made and the people who have given their time and talents to making it all happen."

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Get To Know: Librarians as Leaders for Media Literacy Integration in NYS Initiative

"Jim Morrison said: “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” It is important that we provide our students with tools to develop critical thinking and metacognition enabling them to effectively analyze and evaluate the media with which they are confronted and thus have greater agency in their lives and the capacities for well-reasoned citizenship.  As with any skills that need to be taught, who teaches the skills is a critical question."

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Members on the Move

"In this column, we celebrate our NYLA Members that have good news to share - whether it be a promotion, a job change, or even a new exciting project - no news is too small for Members On The Move!"

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Meet the (Other Half) of our New Cohort of Columnists!