June 2021 | Volume 69 | Number 3

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From The President

"Some of the things we need to leave behind are the fear and paranoia this worldwide public health crisis drew out of so many. The corrosive discourse and continued repudiation of the presidential election only plunge us deeper into a national stalemate. Systemic racial injustice and the disavowal of science should be shown the door once and for all."

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Welcome Our Newest NYLA Staff Member!

"As a first-generation college graduate who spent her childhood and young adulthood immersed in the local library community, I am confident that I will bring a unique and innovative perspective to the professional development role," said Sarah Sherlock, Professional Development Manager at NYLA."

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Come On OUT! LGBTQ+ Librarians Origin Stories

"Last year, I came across the idea of an "origin story" when it comes to LGBTQ+ people through a TikTok. As queer people, we often have to learn ourselves over and over again throughout the course of our lives because we have the history of a movement on our backs and the weight of suppressing our identities yearning to be slowly unpacked. It's my job to ensure that these histories, these stories, are reflected back accurately and are archived for our members."

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