April 2021 | Volume 69 | Number 2

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From The President

"Aid to schools increased wonderfully and dramatically in this state budget. Fully funding Foundation Aid for K-12 schools is a majestic step forward in our education system and I give a resounding “Huzzah!!!” to our legislators for making that happen.BUT-BUT-BUT why are libraries still not receiving full funding under Education Law?"

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Executive Director's Report

"People love libraries and advocacy still matters.  Every type of library patron gave voice to missing their library in the past year.  Our communities became acutely aware of how integral the library as space, and venue, was to their lives.  That realization turned into action as we engaged with thousand of first-time advocates as part of NYLA’s online advocacy campaigns to impact the NYS Budget. Our collective voices grew (digitally) louder, and state dollars allocated in support of libraries increased."

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