December 2020 | Volume 68 | Number 6

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From The President

"Endurance means perseverance, but it’s also something you have to build up. Enduring a crisis means building resilience into systems so that they can absorb shocks, adapt as needed, and continue. That’s sustainability. But just as you don’t start building your endurance at the start of a triathlon, you don’t shift to sustainable thinking in the midst of a crisis. You instill it into your institution, and outward to your community when times are good. And that’s what the New York Library Association started, five years ago."

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#NYLA2020 Virtual Conference & Trade Show - Wrap Up

"It's been a little over a month since #NYLA2020 Virtual Annual Conference & Trade Show and it's with no exaggeration that we did achieve the #BestVirtualConferenceEver."

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