June 2020 | Volume 68 | Number 3

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A Message from the President...

"How do we move forward in a productive way?  We must seek to listen, seek to hear, seek to understand, and seek to do better.  We all have room to grow and we all have opportunities to lead."

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Come On OUT! LGBTQ+ Librarians & Active Allies Origin Stories

"This is one of the unique attributes of being part of the LGBTQ+ community –– it is this non-linear re-learning your history and re-defining your origin story. In fact, the concept of an "origin story" when it comes to LGBTQ+ people was introduced to me a week or so ago through a TikTok. As queer people, we often have to learn ourselves over and over again throughout the course of our lives because we have the history of a movement on our backs and the weight of suppressing our identities yearning to be slowly unpacked."

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What We're Reading in the Summer of 2019 | The New YorkerLibrarians Tell All: How Are You Revamping Your Summer Reading Programs?

"During this historical shift, libraries have stepped up to the occasion and have continued to prove how they are the great equalizers in their communities. They have reimagined the way they serve their communities to even revamping their programming entirely for this new digital world. One of these staple programs that went through a virtual makeover is libraries summer reading programs."

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