February 2019 | Volume 67 | Number 1

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A Message from the President...

"As library professionals, what we were never told in school was that we would be under resourced, that our day-to-day activities would be dynamic and ever changing, and that creativity and networking with colleagues would be our saving grace."

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Libraries & the 2020 Census

Getting a complete count in 2020 is essential for NYS. But there are challenges that will make this difficult.

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Combatting Learning Slide with Summer Meals

"More than 1.1 million New York State students rely on healthy school meals to fuel their learning; however, when school is out over the summer months, many low-income children lose access to the academic and nutritional supports they need to thrive."

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I'm Now Claiming Pizza as a Business Expense

The latest from Robert Drake!

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Governor Cuomo's FY2019-2020 Executive Budget includes the third straight year of drastic cuts to library funding!
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