October 2017 | Volume 65 | Number 5

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A Message from the President...

"I know I entered this profession because of deep-seated values.  I like to think those values are the core of my decision making, but I find myself in a perpetual cycle of making decisions with little or no reflection about the values that should underlie every decision."

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Libraries and Communities Helping Seniors

Learn about the WestSide Express in the Towns of Gates and Chili

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Go Dog Go! at the Library

"Whatever you choose, your animal program will leave your patrons with fond memories and maybe a little bit of dog hair."

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Congratulations 2017 Award Winners!

The New York Library Association will honor individuals for their support, leadership, and advocacy of libraries at the 124th Annual Conference and Trade Show in November in Saratoga Springs, NY on Friday, November 10.

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2017 NYLA Annual Conference

Who will be exhibiting at NYLA 2017? Find out here!

As a demonstration of our solidarity with libraries throughout the country, all donations to the Disaster Relief Fund between now and November 30, will be equally distributed to the Texas, Florida and ALA Disaster Relief Funds.