June 2017 | Volume 65 | Number 3

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A Message from the President...

"We are living in a time of divisiveness, with divergent political stances dominating our national and local conversations.  But libraries are not about divisions."

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The Golden Age

In this months R&D column, Robert Drake discusses the current library climate and where we go from here.

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Get to know the 2017 Council Candidates

This year NYLA members will be electing a President-Elect, two Councilors (one public & one school), and one Treasurer-Elect.

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And the NYLA 2017 Keynote is....

This year's Keynote will provide advice not only on how to advocate with soul but also on how anyone can do it if inspired over something such as a cause, person/group, program, etc.

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2017 NYLA Annual Conference
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