February 2015 | Volume 63 | Number 1

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A Message from the President...

2015 December e-Bulletin President’s Report, from Geoff Kirkpatrick

Budget time is upon us.  The staff, Legislative Committee, and many individual members of NYLA are working at a furious pace to make sure that libraries are not forgotten in the state budget process.  It is easy to feel that our efforts are insignificant, that our voices are unheard or lost in the cacophony that defines New York’s budget process.  That is simply not true.

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How Geolocation Could Lead to a Book Renaissance

By: Michael del Castillo, Literary Manhattan

If you look hard enough, every location that has ever been written about is a setting of literary significance. The problem is, it takes a lot of time and energy to look.

Which is why we were so excited to meet Kentaro Okuda, who painstakingly collected hundreds of quotes from over 80 works of literature, and connected them with the exact longitude at latitude coordinates where the quotes take place for his LiteraryMap.NYC. A book lover’s dream, and possibly a huge business opportunity.

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Former Lives of Libraries: From Funeral Home to Library Branch   

By: S. Rebecca Lubin, Head of Branches, Albany Public Library

“I remember coming to my Uncleʼs funeral here.” Not something one expects to hear in a library, but it is heard in the Delaware Branch of the Albany Public Library in Albany, NY. That is because before the renovated 9,500 square foot branch opened in 2009 the building housed Chicorelliʼs funeral home for over 40 years.

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The Evolving Library and Librarian

By: Laura Lintz, Adult Services Librarian, Newark Public Library

Libraries in the 21st century are a place of change.  Not only must our services, spaces, and programs evolve to meet the changing needs of patrons, but so must librarians.  This is something that I have learned first-hand.

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Library Advocacy Day





February 25, 2015
Albany, NY

Join with fellow library advocates from across New York State as we converge on Albany to speak up for Libraries and Library Funding!  Click here for more information.

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Jane Austen Tour of England

NYLA invites you to join “The World of Jane Austen and Her Novels,”
a ten-day tour that departs for England on April 25 and returns May
4, 2015. Click here for more information. The trip itinerary can be found here.

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