"Check out" NY State of Health at your Local Library

Open enrollment is underway now for New Yorkers looking for an affordable health plan in 2016.  NY State of Health is the state’s official health plan marketplace where New Yorkers can shop for, compare and enroll into coverage.  The marketplace is one-stop-shopping for many types of health plans, and is the only place where eligible New Yorkers can get financial assistance to help reduce the cost of coverage.  The 2016 open enrollment period is November 1, 2015– January 31, 2016.

Over 2.1 million New Yorkers have already enrolled in health insurance coverage through NY State of Health.  Most have qualified for financial assistance to help with the monthly cost of premium.  In addition, NY State of Health is now offering The Essential Plan for lower-income New Yorkers.  The Essential Plan costs $20 per person per month – less than a dollar a day – or nothing depending on income.  There is no annual deductible, preventive care is free and other services have only a small copayment.  Eligible New Yorkers can also enroll in Medicaid and Child Health Plus through NY State of Health. 

American Library Association (ALA) President Barbara Stripling and IMLS Director Susan Hildreth issued the following joint statement:

“Providing resources that help librarians answer patron requests for health insurance information furthers the long-standing commitment of both IMLS and ALA to make information more widely available to the public. We are delighted to help connect libraries to these resources so they can provide timely information to their customers.  “While libraries provide information in a way that best suits their own communities, IMLS and ALA stand ready to help all libraries prepare for the anticipated increased demand for health-related information.”

Please use the information linked below to assist library patrons who may have questions about the Marketplace.  In addition, your local library has received NY State of Health print materials to display.  If you are interested in hosting a community meeting with a NY State of Health speaker, or setting up an enrollment event, please click HERE and fill out the request form.  NY State of Health has an events calendar to promote these events publicly.

Please contact Piper Allport, Director of Outreach for NY State of Health.

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