Advocacy Tools

The Basics:

How To Request a Proclamation or Resolution

NYLA's Virtual Advocacy Page

Everyday Advocacy -  NYLA 2017 Handout (PDF)

Everyday Advocacy 2017 Action Calendar (PDF)

Sample messages:

NYLA Legislative and Budgetary Priorities

Sample Letter to the Editor - October 2019 (docx)

Sample Letter to the Editor - January 2018 (docx)

Generic Legislative Visit Thank You Letter (2013) (docx)

Elementary Librarian Advocacy Letter (2013) (PDF)

Tell Us About It:

Library Advocacy Meeting Reporting Form

For your Library:

Distribution of Library Cards to Students (NEW) (PDF)

Annual Library Holidays NEW

Add the "Become a Library Champion" Button to Your Webpage NEW

Advocacy Radio Spots (MP3s)

School Libraries Advocacy Brochure (pdf)

NYCC "Informational Brief: Impact of School Libraries on Student Achievement; October 2011" (pdf)

Take Your Child to the Library Day

Statistics, graphs & charts:

A Tale of Two Decades (PDF)

History of Library Aid 1998 - 2018 Graph (PDF)

History of Library Aid 1991-2017 (PDF)

Library Aid Funding Gap 2009 - 2018 Graph (PDF)

History of Library Construction Aid 1984-2017 (PDF)

The Library Value Calculator - It's Back!

Add the Library Value Calculator to Your Website

School LIbrary Fact Sheet (PDF)

Quotable Facts About America's Libraries 2012 - (PDF)

Intellectual Freedom and Censorship

NYLA's Intellectual Freedom Round Table

The First Amendment in Schools: Resource Guide: Introduction: Avoiding Censorship in Schools

Contact information for your elected officials:

New York State Senate

New York State Assembly

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