2012 Voter's Guide for Library Advocates Released

Albany, NY - The New Yorkers for Better Libraries PAC has released its 2012 Voter’s Guide: The Library Advocate's Guide to the Voting Records of the New York State Legislature.

The Voter’s Guide, which is has been published since 2010, grades NYS legislators on their voting records concerning library funding and legislative issues.

The Guide gives library supporters throughout the state the opportunity to see how their elected officials are voting.  “Scores are higher this year than last year”, stated John Hammond of the New Yorkers for Better Libraries.  “A modest restoration in state aid to libraries, along with the passage of eight important pieces of library legislation in at least one house helped bring grades up”, he continued.

Scores are calculated based on library aid in the state budget; sponsorship of library priority legislation; recorded votes on library legislation, and letters of support (in the Assembly).  The grading scale is based on the number of total points each legislature receives in each category.  More details on how the scores are determined can be found within the Guide.

You can download the 2012 Voter's by clicking here.  The Guide is being distributed to legislators, the media and the library community throughout New York.

About New Yorkers for Better Libraries:

The New Yorkers for Better Libraries Political Action Committee was established in 2003 by library leaders who believe that there is a need to supplement the library community’s advocacy efforts with campaign contributions and other activities directed toward those in Albany who can really help libraries.

For more information contact:
John Hammond