NYLA Awards Committee


The Awards Committee is responsible for the promotion, coordination and administration of NYLA’s awards.  Additionally, the committee seeks opportunities to advance NYLA, and its Sections and Roundtables via awards offered by other organizations.

The Committee shall annually solicit nominations for NYLA awards:
•    Outstanding Service to Libraries Award
•    Outstanding Advocate of Libraries Award
•    Mary Bobinski Outstanding Public Library Director Award
•    NYLA Above & Beyond Award

The Committee may also offer candidates for any award.  For each category, appropriate criteria have been established.  Names of nominees must be presented to and approved by the NYLA Council.  In addition, the Committee shall monitor and nominate NYLA members or Sections for awards presented by other professional organizations.  The Committee shall also publicize all NYLA awards, propose new awards as appropriate, and shall assist in planning the Annual Awards Ceremony.  


Traditionally, the Immediate Past President serves as chair of the committee.  The NYLA President-Elect appoints a Chair for a one year term, with start and end dates to coincide with the Annual Conference.  The Committee Chair appoints a minimum of three additional members of the committee to serve for a one year term.


NYLA Awards Committee Roster