Join or Renew Your NYLA Membership

NYLA is open to all members of the library community; librarians, library workers, library trustees, libraries, and even library vendors. Below you will find everything you need to know about joining NYLA, if you have any questions, please contact or phone 518-432-6952 x104.

Want to know more about NYLA? Learn how NYLA works for you by clicking here.

NYLA offers a couple different membership options, you can explore all your choices below.

Personal Membership

Personal memberships are for individuals who would like to become members of NYLA. Annual dues vary based on income level and employment status.

Personal Member Types Dues
   Up to $19,999 $35.00
   $20,000 - $29,999 $60.00
  $30,000 - $39,999 $80.00
   $40,000 - $49,999 $100.00
  $50,000 - $99,999 $125.00
  $100,000+ $150.00
Student $15.00
First-Time Member $25.00
Library Assistant / Support Staff $25.00
Retired / Unemployed $30.00
Trustee / Friend $30.00

Don't want to join online? Download the Personal Membership Form (PDF). Once completed, email ( or mail it to the NYLA office. 

Organizational Membership

Organizational memberships are for libraries and other organizations that would like to become members of NYLA. Organizational members recieve discounted booths at the NYLA  Annual conference, free job postings on the NYLA JOBLine, and associate memberships for library staff.

See the list of current library members here.

Library/Library System Designated Representatives Associate Memberships Dues
$1 - $50K 1 0 $50.00
$50K - $100K 1 0 $75.00
$100K - $500K 1 1 $150.00
$500K - $1M 1 3 $300.00
$1M - $3M 1 7 $600.00
$3M - $10M 1 14 $1,250.00
$10M+ 1 24 $2,500.00
Would you like your trustees to be added to your organizational membership? 

Library and Library Systems are encouraged to consider adding the LTA Dues Rider to their membership which imbunes all of their trustees with membership to NYLA and the Library Trustees Association Section (LTAS).

The "LTAS Dues Rider"

In order to support the ongoing activities of the Library Trustees Association Section (LTAS), NYLA has adopted a new dues rider as an optional addition to libraries purchasing organizational memberships. 

Under this model, libraries that are organizational members have the opportunity to add LTA membership for all of their trustees to their dues order at a flat rate – based on their libraries' operational budget. This rider confers full NYLA-LTA membership on all trustees of the library and functions as a rider on top of NYLA organizational membership.

Library/Library System NYLA Membership Dues Rate LTAS Dues Rider Rate
$1 - $50K $50.00 $10.00
$50K - $100K $75.00 $20.00
$100K - $500K $150.00 $30.00
$500K - $1M $300.00 $75.00
$1M - $3M $600.00 $150.00
$3M - $10M $1,250.00 $300.00
$10M+ $2,500.00 $600.00

Click here for more details on the LTA Dues Rider. Organizations wishing to add  the rider to thier join/renewal form can do so directly in the electronic form.  Click here to download the registration form.


Non-Library Organizational Types

Organization Type Designated Representatives Number of Included Members Dues
Friends Group 4 $50.00
Affiliate Organization 1 0 $95.00
Library/Information Science School 1 0 $95.00
Not-for-Profit Org. (NON-Library) 1 0 $95.00
For-Profit Organization 1 0 $175.00


Don't want to join online? Download the new fillable Organizational Membership Form (PDF). Once completed, email ( or mail it to the NYLA office. 

REMEMBER TO INCLUDE THE CORRECT FORMS IN YOUR RENEWAL! Tell us who from your organization will be joining NYLA:

Associate Members - For Library/Library Systems
Use this form to collect membership details from those who you will be assigning associate members to before completing your order to ensure you have all the necessary details. Click here to download the associate member information form.

Trustees - For Library/Library Systems
Use this form to add the LTA Rider to your join/renewel form. Click here for more details on the LTA Dues Rider. Click here to complete the Trustee Information Form.

Friends Group Members 
Friends Group organizational membership entitles up to five members (typically the officers) to become members of NYLA, and ONE to be the designated voting representative. Click here to complete the Friends Group Organizational Membership - Key Volunteers Information Form.

Joint Membership Options

Are you a student hoping to join the American Library Association (ALA)? Look no further! You can opt to do a joint membership with SCLA, or if you're a student, ALA.

NYLA / ALA Student Memberships
Become a joint member of NYLA/ALA for students by clicking here. Joint Student Membership: $44