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Program Overview

The NYLA Leadership & Management Academy is not currently accepting applicants.
We are in the process of restructing the program, enrollement will reopen in Summer 2019.

The New York Library Association's Library Leadership and Management Academy is an educational program for emerging leaders in the library profession. Participants will gain the skills and knowledge they need to advance up the career ladder in library management.

Enrollment in the Library Leadership and Management Academy is limited to 40 students each year. Enrollees are required to complete ten courses over a three year period to receive a Leadership and Management Academy Certificate.

Qualifying courses will be offered at the NYLA Annual Conference (Oct./Nov.), in conjunction with NYLA's Library Advocacy Day (Feb./Mar.) and during the month of June.

Who should attend the academy?

The Academy is designed for mid-career library professionals interested in obtaining the practical knowledge and basic skills critical to becoming a library leader or manager. Applicants must either have five years of library experience and a Bachelors Degree or two years of library experience and an MLS.


Courses in the Leadership and Management Academy will be taught by experienced library leaders, academic faculty members, specialized experts, and consultants in particular fields.

Program Components

The Leadership and Management Academy is divided into two components - core courses and a special project.  Both component areas must be completed for graduation.

Core Courses

Each of the core courses is required for graduation; and are divided into three groupings - Leadership, Management and Essential Skills.


Leadership - 1/2 Day Program

This three hour program provides a guided exploration of determining and cultivating your personal leadership style.

Partnerships, Collaborations & Relationships - Full Day Program

This six hour course features an interactive discussion of successful and unique library partnerships with outside organizations, including schools, service clubs, hospitals, colleges and community groups. The curriculum will also cover the elements of effective library director/trustee/friends relationships, library system collaboration opportunities and how to build strong relationships with state and local legislators.   

Strategic Planning - 1/2 Day Program

Every library should have a strategic plan in place guiding the decision making process and operations.  The half day program provides guidance on the process of creating a strategic plan, as well as best practices in keeping your strategic plan moving forward.


Human Resources - Full Day Program

Whether paid employees or volunteers, every library has people responsible for making the organization function.  Managing those individuals can be the most challenging part of operating a library.  This full day program covers what you need to know about NYS employment law, civil service, and best practices for employee management and evaluation.

Legal Issues - Full Day Program

There are a number of laws that directly and indirectly apply to and impact libraries.  This program provides a primer on what you need to know about how libraries are governed in NYS.

Budgeting & Financial Management - Full Day Program

The six hour course highlights fundamental skills required for effective budgeting and financial management.  The curriculum will include: budgeting basics; interpreting monthly financial statements; developing a budget; community based planning; budget modifications; audits; budge votes; tax cap issues; and capital finance.

Facility & Building Management, Space Usage & Design - Full Day Program

The maintenance and management of your physical space can be a daunting task.  The program focuses on providing a working knowledge of the systems that make your library building work, and how best to implement and ongoing maintenance program.  The course also addresses approaches for both large and small scale renovation projects.    When possible this program will include a guided tour of a library facility and its inner workings.

Essential Skills

Communication & Presentation Skills - 1/2 Day Program

The course highlights fundamental skills required for effective library leaders and managers.  The curriculum will include: communication in various forms and to diverse audiences (including the media); presentations skills; and effective meeting facilitation.  The session will cover these skills in the context of the day-to-day work of a library professional.

The Customer Experience - 1/2 Day Program

As we all know libraries are not just about books anymore and library customer service isn’t just about circulation transactions.  Good library customer service is about carrying out the mission of the library at all levels with every transaction, including reference and circulation transactions, physical and online presence, and community relationships.

  1. Creating excellent customer experiences, every time
  2. Training front line staff
  3. Everyday advocacy
  4. Dealing with difficult customers
  5. Outreach – customer service outside the library

Special Project

Three hours of program credit (1/2 day) is awarded for completion of a special project.  The special project is intended to demonstrate understanding of the program content.

Special projects could include; presentation at a NYLA or other Library Association conference program, presentation of a webinar, presentation of a Pecha Kucha program, submission of an article to the NYLA e-Bulletin, or service in an elected leadership role in a library organization (Section, Roundtable or non-NYLA organization).  Suggestions for special projects will be accepted and reviewed.

L&MA Program participants who have completed five or more courses as of June 1, 2013 will be 'grandfathered' in under the previous L&MA program structure and will have the option to complete the new requirements, or graduate under the previous requirements.

Application Process

Submit application form along with resume and appropriate payment.

Leadership and Management Academy Application Form (pdf)


The Library Leadership and Management Academy is open only to NYLA members and costs $800.

Certificates of graduation will be provided upon completion of all ten Leadership Academy courses. Email confirmations will be provided for reimbursement or other requests for individual course attendance.

Questions regarding the Leadership & Management Academy can be directed to director@nyla.org

Program Rotation Schedule

Summer Session Odd Numbers Years
Leadership - ½ Day
Legal Issues - Full Day
Strategic Planning - ½ Day

Fall Odd Numbered Years (at NYLA Conference)
Human Resources - Full Day

Winter Even Numbered Years (pre-Advocacy Day)
Communications & Presentation Skills - ½ Day

Summer Session Even Numbered Years
Budgeting - Full Day
Partnerships - Full Day

Fall Even Numbered Years (at NYLA Conference)
Facility/Building Management - Full Day

Winter Odd Numbered Years (pre-Advocacy Day)
The Customer Experience - ½ Day

Note - you must be a current NYLA member, AND have been accepted into L&MA, or be a L&MA graduate in order to register for L&MA programs.

Summer Session 2018

The L&MA Summer Session 2018 will take place June 6- June 8 at the NYLA offices in Guilderland, NY.
Pre-Registration is REQUIRED for ALL participants.

Wednesday, June 6: 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM
o    Budgeting & Finance with Tom Lawrence & Lauren Moore

Thursday, June 7: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
o    Budgeting & Finance with Tom Lawrence & Lauren Moore
o    Partnerships, Collaborations & Relationships with Cassie Guthrie

Friday, June 8: 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
o    Partnerships, Collaborations & Relationships with Cassie Guthrie

Note, you must be logged in to your NYLA account in order to register.

Discounted hotel accommodations are available at the Hampton Inn and Suites on Western Avenue

Hampton Inn Albany-Western Ave/University Area
1442 Western Avenue, Albany, New York, 12203

Current Participants Resource Page