Programming on Demand

NYLA offers several special programs that we can bring to you—on demand! They each can be specially tailored for your organization's needs. Not a library or library system? That’s okay! These programs can be altered just for you! Contact the NYLA office for information on pricing and availability (800-252-6952 or email us).

Current program topics include Smart Boards and Ethics. See below for further program details.

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Smart Boards

Smart Boards Brochure - (PDF)


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Who should attend?

  • Library trustees
  • Administration and management
  • Board members


What will you gain?

  • Knowledge and confidence that your board and/or director is working well
  • Skills to evaluate your board / director within a proven frame of reference
  • Awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of your library board and its director
  • Improved communication within your board leading to clearer expectations, more efficient time management and effective board practices


Which option is right for you?

NYLA has developed three program formats appropriate for a variety of audiences: A general presentation for groups, a customized evaluation for individual boards of trustees and an evaluation for library directors. Give us a call to discuss your needs.


1 - General Practices Overview

A five to six hour one-day program targeted to an audience of library trustees and library directors. The goal of the program is to:

  • Clarify and provide an overview of quality board practices and policies, covering essential areas of library governance
  • Address issues with which all boards should be familiar and practices that strong boards employ
  • Create and maintain a positive working relationship with the library director, including evaluation of the director
  • Describe problems that frequently beset library boards
  • Educate and sensitize participants to become better library board members
  • Provide insights and tools to take back to your respective boards which will help the boards evaluate and improve themselves


2- Board Evaluation

NYLA’s specialist will work with your board president to create and implement a customized board evaluation tool. The goal of the program is to:

  • Work with the entire library board, and if it chooses, its director, to evaluate the board and develop a reflective report to guide the board in the future
  • Complete an evaluation which includes essential board practices
  • Note weak practices and suggest improvements
  • Capture the goals that resulted from the evaluation with a written follow-up report from NYLA’s specialist


3 - Director Evaluation:

NYLA’s specialist will offer a facilitated evaluation of your library or library system director. The goal of the program is to:

  • Teach that evaluation of the director is an essential and healthy practice for a library board
  • Customize and create a fair and balanced evaluation instrument for your director, working ahead of time with a representative of your choice
  • Complete the evaluation and review and summarize the results
  • Facilitate a discussion between the director and the board regarding the performance of the director
  • Develop a plan to sustain and improve peak performance of the director


Fees & Program Information

Program fees are either on a sliding scale based on your library budget. Call for pricing and availability for your institution! Call today for information on how you can bring Smart Boards to your library today (800-252-6952 or email us)!


Information Ethics in Libraries: A NYLA Institute

Ethics Brochure - PDF

File: EthicsScales.jpgWho should attend?

  • Library Directors
  • Library Trustees
  • Librarians
  • Friends of Libraries
  • Administrators
  • Support Staff


What type of ethical situations concern libraries?

  • The ethics of meeting room policies
  • The ethics of accepting gifts
  • The ethics of making recommendations for employees
  • The ethics of being a library trustee
  • How to respond to students who cheat
  • The ethics of measuring quality in libraries
  • The ethics of confidentiality

Participants will receive 0.45 CE Units for each full day workshop.

NYLA’s popular Information Ethics workshops are offered as one or two day events at locations across New York State. These workshops are also available on demand for your library or library system. Ethics I is a complete course which can stand alone. You must attend the Ethics I workshop to register for the Ethics II session.

Ethics I

Ethics I is a full day workshop in which participants learn to recognize and analyze ethical situations in their libraries and systems. They learn ethical responses to each situation and practice developing their responses in relation to a set of ethical structures. Ethical dilemmas encountered in libraries are identified and discussed.

Ethics II

Ethics II is a full day workshop for those who have completed Ethics I in the past three years and want more. Ethics II participants quickly review the structures used to recognize and analyze ethical situations in libraries. They then concentrate their efforts on sharing ethical dilemmas they have encountered and develop appropriate responses to them. Making ethical responses in different settings is addressed, including responding to the media, to patrons, and to boards of trustees.

Typical schedule for each Ethics Workshop

9:30am - 10:00am - Coffee and registration

10:00am - 12:30pm - Session A

12:30pm - 1:30pm - Lunch (on your own)

1:30pm - 3:30pm - Session B

About the presenter:

Susan Lehman Keitel is the retired Executive Director and lobbyist for the New York Library Association. She is certified by the Institute of Global Ethics as a trainer in ethical fitness, a broad approach to addressing the skills of thinking and acting ethically in our personal and professional lives.

“My training through IGE has qualified me to lead groups in developing the skills necessary to become ethically fit. The structure of identifying ethical dilemmas and resolving them is the substance of my workshops.”

She believes that libraries must begin the dialogue about the ethical use of information that will accompany patrons throughout this electronic information age and develop the expertise and policies to make librarians experts and leaders in this field.

Ethics Workshop Bibliography

For a current schedule or to request this program on demand, contact us today at 800-252-6952 or email us.