Rural Roundtable Meeting Minutes



RLRT Annual Meeting

Zoom conference

November 2, 2021 3:00 pm

Attending: Michelle La Voie, Andrea Snyder, Rebecca Budinger-Mulhearn, Karen Sperazza, Vince Sperazza, Debby Emerson, Angela Gonzales, Keturah Cappadonia.


President Michelle called the meeting to order at 3:08 pm. Attendees introduced themselves. Michelle introduced outgoing, current and incoming officers.

 Minutes October 2020: A motion was made to approve the minutes from the October 2020 meeting (motion by Rebecca, seconded by Debby, passed).

Finance Report: There was no Treasurer’s report as the treasurer was unable to attend.  Michelle will ask treasurer Annie Miller to send her report via email. The roundtable’s only recent expense was $100 for booth space at the upcoming NYLA Conference. We are not sure how to handle money taken in at the conference booth; we will ask the NYLA office how to get it deposited.

NYLA Conference: President Michelle spoke about our roundtable’s programs for the NYLA Conference. We will have both a physical booth and a virtual booth. Rebecca and Vince will share coverage of the booth, along with other volunteers. Rebecca will create a membership recruiting poster to display at the booth. There will be paper copies of the newsletter available to hand out.

President’s Report:  Michelle has served as president for two years in a very unusual environment. Our roundtable had planned a conference in partnership with the Public Libraries Section for spring 2020, but that was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past two years there have been several open positions on the board, but there is a full slate of candidates for this year’s election. Michelle will serve one more year as president in order to provide some continuity, and Debby will take over as treasurer from Annie Miller who is retiring. Vince Sperazza has volunteered to help manage the RLRT website as part of the NYLA website. He has also restarted the RLRT newsletter, which will now be published quarterly. He is looking for volunteer reporters. The newsletter will focus on networking, rural libraries, and problem solving. It needs a new title! He will create a conference summary issue.

Logo: Rebecca has been working on designing a new logo for the roundtable. We have had the same one for many years. She has used Canva to create three new possible logos. These will be posted in the conference booth for people to look at, and a virtual vote will be conducted later.

Future Plans: Michelle and Rebecca attended a roundtable presidents’ meeting. Topics of discussion included rebuilding our brand, new uses of social media, remaining relevant to our members, membership events and partnering with other roundtables. We would like to increase our membership, which has declined somewhat since NYLA stopped processing automatic renewals. Our group’s long range plan has not been updated in a long time. The board will meet in January to start reviewing it.

2020 Joint Spring Conference with PLS: Plans were underway for a joint conference that we would co-sponsor with the Public Libraries Section. It was scheduled for late spring 2020, but had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Election: Michelle introduced the candidates for office and proposed that the slate be adopted.

          Keturah Cappadonia – Vice President/President-Elect

          Karen Ash – Secretary

          Vince Sperrazza – Member at Large

The slate was approved unanimously.

(Michelle La Voie continues as President, Debby Emerson fills in as Treasurer)


Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Debby Emerson, RLRT Secretary




Financial Report:

October 2021 balance       $3054.60

Cost of conference booth   -100.

New member dues            +120

Current balance…             $3,074.60







Rural Libraries Roundtable
Meeting Minutes
November 4, 2016

Saratoga Hilton - Whitney Room - NYLA Conference

In Attendance: Angela Gonzalez, Scott Kushner, Stephanie Langer, Michelle LaVoie, Annie Miller, Erika Palombo, Jan Dekoff, Karen Sperrazza, Leona Chereshnoski, Carole Kupelian, Hope Decker, Laurenne Teachout, Erica Freudenberger, Deanna DiCarlo, Christine LaRocque, Kathy Stempel, Sarah Reid, Eli Guinnee, Ken Behn, Brian Hildreth, Chris Brewster, Julie Putcher, Chris Spink, Thomas Vitale

The meeting was called to order at 8:38 am by M. Gustina.
RLRT members went around the room to introduce themselves. They stated name, library of service and home library. M. Gustina thanked everyone for attending the conference and specifically the RLRT membership meeting.

Roundtable members reviewed the meeting minutes from October 11, 2016.
M. LaVoie made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. A. Miller seconded the motion to approve. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Officer / Committee Reports
The RLRT Financial Statement from August 31st, 2016 was presented. A Closing Balance of $1,856.36 was reported. M. Gustina indicated 50 plus memberships had been received after Day 1 of the NYLA Conference, which will result in an increase of roughly $290. RLRT membership is at a record high. Upon arrival, C. Kupelian provided an updated version of the Financial Statement from September 30, 2016. This statement reflected a balance of $1,763.17. C. Kupelian and M. Gustina indicated both would work on a 2017/2018 budget that will reflect RLRT’s 2017 priorities.
T. Vitale made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented. K. Stempel seconded the motion to approve. The Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved.

Marketing Committee
T. Vitale presented on the current workings of the Marketing Committee. He indicated NYLA’s Continuing Education Committee is presently reviewing RLRT’s Marketing Program to be included as a pre-approved NYLA CE that allows for credits to participants. T. Vitale also encouraged RLRT members to get involved with the committee if possible.
Roundtable members had discussion about the future of RLRT’s logo. M. Gustina indicated the logo could be re-done, re-vamped or left the same. This question was posed on this year’s RLRT’s conference booth survey. The one issue with the current logo is that it needs to be in vector format for quality resizing of the image on marketing materials. The group agreed to wait for the results of the survey.

President’s Report
M. Gustina summarized RLRT’s accomplishments to date. She also stated she would be president until 2017, so she encouraged other Roundtable members to run for office. She commented that office seats should be filled based on a democratic process. M. Gustina has enjoyed her first year as president, and looks forward to moving forward on the priorities developed at the May Roundtable meeting in Hammondsport, NY.

NYLA Conference Program Report
L. Chereshnoski was this year’s NYLA Conference Programmer for RLRT. Roundtable members discussed different possible programs for next year. It was indicated by some members that not all 3 of RLRT’s programs were picked-up for the 2016 conference. Is this a concern for 2017’s conference? M. Gustina said this might have been an oversight during the planning process, but roundtables should get 3 programs. There was discussion about soliciting ideas from RLRT members through the online newsletter, The Best. Other members said, the survey at this year’s conference booth also measures the types of programs needed. It was agreed that RLRT must stick to programming deadlines in order to have all 3 programs in the 2017 conference. T. Vitale agreed to make this happen as 2017 Programming Chair.

Old Business
RLRT members discussed the offering of scholarships to potential new members. RLRT was gifted enough funds specifically for providing 2 NYLA/RLRT membership scholarships. Call for applicants opens November 1 and closes December 31. Another scholarship is the 2017 NYLA Conference Scholarship, which calls for applicants in June and closes July 31, 2016.
M. Gustina led discussion about 4 proposed Goals for 2017. Roundtable members discussed each goal and indicated which goals took priority. The one goal omitted referenced working with trustees. Roundtable members said this was a good goal, but rather vague when considering the mission of RLRT. Perhaps it might be a priority when other goals are accomplished, and the idea of partnering is not too ambiguous. The three priorities for 2017 include (1) Membership Diversity (2) Mentoring and (3) Active Participation. M. Gustina said she would revise and craft the final plan for member review. This would be sent following conference. [To view & comment: Open for comment until 11/18/2016. Open for viewing forever.]

New Business
E. Freudenberger said she would create a closed RLRT FB group for members. This would be done after conference. [Search Rural Libraries Round Table (NYLA) or go to to request to join.]
H. Decker said that although Item #3 (Activate Trustees) had been struck from the 2017 RLRT Plan, she would be the RLRT liaison to the Library Trustee Association in hopes of finding ways to partner.
Roundtable members also had further discussion about the State Library’s survey request that identified priorities over the next 5-years. Some of RLRT’s priorities might include: library funding, broadband and support for the sustainability initiative. [Couldn’t vote at the booth? Absentee ballots can be cast here until 11/18/2016:]

The meeting was adjourned at 9:42 am

Respectfully submitted:
Brian M. Hildreth, Roundtable Member

Rural Libraries Roundtable
Meeting Minutes
May 23, 2016

I. Call to order
Margo called the meeting to order at 1:00pm at the Fred & Harriet Taylor Memorial Library, Hammondsport, NY.
Present: officers Margo (President), Leona (Vice President), Sarah (Secretary); members Brian, Eli, Lauren, Hope, Mandi, Angela, Tom, Roxanne, Paulette, Matthew, Phil, Gwen. Present via teleconference: member Erica.

II. Review of Minutes
Tom motioned to approve the minutes from the February 11, 2016 conference call meeting.  Mandi seconded. The motion passed.

III. Treasurer’s Report
Margo reviewed the Treasurer’s Report of April 30, 2016 in Carole’s absence. The closing balance is $1,324.77
There are 88 members as of the end of April.

There was some discussion of fees as a barrier to membership and of systems purchasing organizational memberships for staff and/or trustees.

IV. Programmer’s Report
Margo explained that due to a series of events RLRT will have one program at the 2016 NYLA conference: The Small Crew Library, presented by Rebecca Donnelly of Norwood Public Library. We will also have space/time for a meeting. Margo advised that NYLA’s program selection process is likely changing and the group thanked Leona for her service as Programmer.

V. Marketing Committee Report
Tom reviewed the Marketing Committee report of May 23, 2016. Eli reported that there are 172 subscribers to The Best and about half of those open and read it every week.
There will be a The Best podcast soon. There was some discussion of ways to increase coverage of non-public libraries in The Best.

VI. President’s Report
Margo reported that there is no RLRT representation on NYLA Council and that we should make changing that a goal. NYLA is not considering minimum standards for certification as a priority at the moment. There was discussion of determining how we document the need for alternative pathways to public librarian certification.
The ballot for elections opens June 5, 2016. The open positions are Vice President and Treasurer. The slate of candidates will be on the RLRT website. There was discussion of the frequency of elections which was ultimately tabled.
Margo clarified that RLRT’s use of the word ‘advocacy’ does not refer to dealings with elected officials, but rather to working with other rural librarians within NYLA.

VII. Old Business

A) RLRT Booth for 2016 NYLA Conference

Carole is coordinating the booth and Hope will be decorating it. Volunteers are needed to help staff the booth during the conference. Email Carole at to volunteer.

B) RLRT Banner

The old banner has not been located. Brian motioned to encumber $350 to purchase a banner. Tom seconded. The motion passed.

There was discussion of what type of banner(s) and possible vendors. Sarah volunteered to fix the logo if Margo needs it. Margo motioned to purchase 2 banners. Phil seconded. The motion passed.

VIII. New Business

A) 2016 NYLA Conference Scholarship

Hope, Leona, and Brian volunteered to be the 2016 Award Committee. They will update the scholarship application info and send it out soon. There will be one month for applications to be submitted and one month for the committee to review applications.

There was discussion of the amount of the scholarship, proposed LTA involvement, partnership possibilities with PLS and/or LAMS, eligibility requirements for the scholarship, roundtable fundraising issues/limitations, and the political sensitivity of these issues. The group decided that Margo will suggest to LTA that they establish their own scholarship.
Margo motioned that the 2016 RLRT conference scholarship amount be raised to
$500. Angela seconded. The motion passed.

There was discussion that the language of the scholarship application be amended to say that first-time NYLA members and non-NYLA members are eligible for the scholarship and that recipients must write an article about their experiences at the conference for The Best.

B) 2016 NYLA Conference Social Events

After some discussion, Erica, Brian, and Tom self-nominated themselves to be an ad hoc Social & Entertainment committee for RLRT for the 2016 NYLA Conference.

IX. Old Business

A) Reimbursement

Margo will reimburse Penny for copies made at the 2015 conference and reminded the membership to keep and submit receipts if they want to be reimbursed.

X. Next Meeting

No date was set for the next meeting but it will be a conference call some time in September.

XI. Adjournment

Margo adjourned the meeting at 2:20pm.



Respectfully submitted by Sarah Crevelling, RLRT Secretary, on May 24, 210




February 11, 2016; virtual meeting

I. Call to order

Margo called the meeting to order at 10:06 a.m.
Present: officers Margo (President), Sarah (Secretary), Carole (Teasurer); members Brian, Eli, Hope, Laurie, Marybeth, Amanda, Tim, Angela, and Tom; and Jeremy from NYLA.

II. Review of Minutes

Brian motioned to approve the minutes from the October 23, 2015 meeting. Tim seconded.

III. Treasurer’s Report

Carole reported that RLRT’s only expense for 2015 was the conference scholarship, which was paid in December 2015.
Carole recommended that we should tell the scholarship winner where to find the reimbursement paperwork and to bring it to NYLA with them in order to expedite the reimbursement process.
We have a balance of $1139.77 and 70 members as of December 31, 2015.

IV. Programmer’s Report

In Leona’s absence, Margo reported that of the four programs we submitted for the 2016 NYLA Conference, three were chose: sustainable funding; small library marketing; and small crew libraries. All three are guaranteed slots at NYLA and Margo will send out program descriptions.

V. Website Report

Angela reported that the website is going well and that she will put the updated bylaw info on it soon.

VI. Newsletter Report

Eli reported that the first issue of our newsletter, temporarily titled ‘The Best’, has been published. Eli used MailChimp to create and distribute the newsletter. All RLRT members should receive it electronically at this time.
There was discussion of the newsletter as an outreach tool and of the different goals of RLRT and NYLA vis-à-vis the newsletter.
Margo concluded that our hope with the newsletter is that we’re helping rural library staff and we will try the present newsletter format and re-evaluate as necessary.

VII. Old Business

A) RLRT Booth for 2016 NYLA Conference

The cost for a booth at the conference is $100. Brian motioned that we should reserve a booth. Tom seconded. All approved.
Jeremy noted it’s important to schedule people to man the booth.
Hope volunteered to ‘snazzy up’ the booth and Carole will try to track down the banner.

B) Reimbursement

Margo will submit paperwork to reimburse Penny $12.00 for copies. (This was previously
motioned and passed but has been delayed due to paperwork.)

VIII) New Business

A) Reconfiguration of Standing Committees

Margo proposed merging the Publications and Newsletter and Membership Committees
into the Marketing Committee, and that the Conference Program Committee should be
reinvigorated and absorb the Awards Committee. Brian made a motion to approve the
name changes. Sarah seconded. All approved. Volunteers are welcome to join all

B) Long Range Planning Goals

Margo requested that the membership review the old Long Range Planning goals listed on
the website and send her new ones before the next meeting.

IX) Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held May 23, 2016 from 1-5:00 p.m. at the Fred & Harriet Taylor
Memorial Library in Hammondsport, NY.

X) Adjournment

Margo adjourned the meeting at 11:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by Sarah Crevelling, RLRT Secretary, on February 11, 2016.

October 23, 2015, Lake Placid, NY, at NYLA Conference

I. Call to order

Penny called the meeting to order at 1:13pm.
Present: Penny (President), Sarah (Secretary), Leona (Programmer), members Elaine, Karen, Eric, Charlotte, Lyn, Margo, Brian, Thomas, Laurie, Rebecca, Erica, and Laurenne

II. Treasurer’s Report

Carole (Treasurer) was unable to attend and submitted the following report:
“The Rural Libraries Roundtable shows a balance of $1334.77 as of September 30, 2015.
We have had no expenses since our meeting in 2014, except for the payment of a $250 scholarship.
It is essential that the 2015 scholarship winner fill out a Reimbursement Request If that is done at the conference, the president can sign it and leave it for Galina at the registration desk before Friday at 5:00. If it is not done at the conference, the winner may send the completed request to either the president or to me: Carole Kupelian, PO Box 437 Constantia NY 13044. We will sign it, and send it along to the NYLA finance office. That office will send the check directly to the winner.
Remember, the scholarship is for $250. We are well aware that the cost to attend will exceed that amount. The scholarship is designed to assist the winner, not to pay the entire cost of the conference.
Respectfully submitted, Carole Kupelian, RLRT Treasurer.”

III. New Business

A) Elections
The following slate was advanced.
President: Margo
Vice President: Leona
Secretary: Sarah
Treasurer: Carole
The secretary cast one ballot and all were elected.
B) NYLA Conference Programs for 2016
The following ideas were discussed:
-something for trustees (the 2016 LTA meeting is in Plattsburgh)
-St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES yearbook digitization project / digitization for small institutions (Eric)
-Effective Marketing for Small Libraries (Laurie, Tom, Sarah) – Brian requested that this presentation include a toolkit
-Running a Sub-3 Person Library
We will also have a booth at the 2016 conference.
C) Newsletter/Listserv/Member Archive
Inspired by NYLA News You Can Use, the newsletter will start small, one story at a time. The first story will be an intro to RLRT, including who we are and why we are.
Margo will work on the listserv issues.
Brian will talk to Angela about getting access to the archive.
D) Reimbursement
Margo motioned to reimburse Penny $12 for copies of the RLRT brochure. Sarah seconded. The motion passed.
E) Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held in May or June, 2016, at a central location and via conference call.

IV) Old Business

A) Banner
Margo will work on getting a new banner.

V) Adjournment

Margo moved to adjourn the meeting. Tom seconded. Margo adjourned the meeting at 10:45am.
Respectfully submitted by Sarah Crevelling, RLRT Secretary, on October 26, 2015.

May 7, 2014, CLRC Syracuse and teleconference

I. Call to order

Penny called the meeting to order at 1:10pm.
Present: Penny (President), Carole (Treasurer), Sarah (Secretary), Leona (Programmer), members Angela, Charlie, and Lynn.

II. Approval of minutes

Charlie motioned to approve the minutes from the September 27, 2013 meeting. Leona seconded. Minutes were approved unanimously.

III. Treasurer’s Report

Carole reported that our balance as of April 30, 2014 is $1,119.77 and that, per NYLA, our membership total as of the same date is 86. We anticipate that membership may increase in 2014 due to changes in NYLA’s organizational structure and to our wider profile at the conference due to sponsoring 2 programs.
In 2013, RLRT had $150 in income, all from memberships. Expenses were $225 for speaker fees at NYLA 2013, and $250 for the scholarship we provided for NYLA 2013.
Sarah motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Angela seconded. The Treasurer’s Report was approved unanimously.

IV. New Business

A) Nominations for President, Vice President, and Secretary
The following nominations will be presented at the 2014 NYLA conference:
President: Penny
Vice President: Leona
Secretary: Sarah
B) NYLA Conference Programs for 2014
Leona reported that the following two programs have already been approved by NYLA:
Friday, 11/7/2014, Program Slot #4, 11:00am-12:15pm Creating Excellent Programs Through Community Engagement
Sponsor: RLRT
Co-Sponsor(s): SCLA (Suffolk County Library Association) and RASS (Reference & Adult Services)
Exceed expectations at your library by harnessing the power of community. Tap into a wealth of expertise to develop programs, build networks and develop support (and funding!) for your library. Two rural librarians lend their experience to this very subject.
Susan Carver, Director, Fairview Public Library
Erica Freudenberger, Red Hook Public Library
Friday, 11/7/2014, Program Slot #5, 2:15pm-3:30pm You Can Do A Book Festival
Sponsor: RLRT
Co-Sponsor(s): SCLA (Suffolk County Library Association) and RASS (Reference & Adult Services)
Panelists will discuss their experiences describing what they have done to organize a successful book festival. Leona Chershnoski and Carole Kupelian have implemented a small local book festival. Ellen Rubin, author of the “Book Festival Organizers Toolkit,” has organized statewide as well as regional and local book festivals.
Ellen Rubin, Retired High School LMS, 2014 NYLA Conference Chair
Carole Kupelian, NYLA, JLLA & RLRT
Leona Chereshnoski, Ret. School Librarian, Osceola Public Library, JLLA & RLRT
Leona reported that there will be no costs to RLRT for the “You Can Do A Book Festival” program. For the “Creating Excellent Programs Through Community Engagement” program, SCLA will be paying the presenters’ mileage costs so RLRT will need to provide approximately $250 in presenters’ fees.
RLRT will have a table at NYLA again this year. Penny will try and track down the banner for the table. We will put our brochures on the table and possibly other promotional items.
C) 2014 Membership Meeting
The 2014 Membership Meeting is tentatively planned for Friday, November 7, 2014, some time between 12:15 and 2:15pm and probably at a restaurant somewhere in Saratoga Springs. Exact details are to come and pending further news of scheduled programs from NYLA.
D) Newsletter/Website/Publicity
Penny will email the listserve to solicit volunteers for the newsletter. She has received an updated member list from NYLA. There are still problems with the listserve; not everyone is getting the emails. Penny will talking to NYLA again about this. There was some discussion of running the listserve ourselves instead of relying on NYLA.
Angela is the webmaster. She will check over and update the RLRT website, including adding the info about the 2014 NYLA programs. She will also update the RLRT brochure and email it to Penny, who will have NCLS print it.
We are now a member of the Association for Rural and Small Libraries. There was no fee to join.
E) Scholarship
Those present were all in agreement about offering a $250 scholarship to NYLA again this year. This year, in addition to receipts as proof of attendance, we will ask for the winner to provide a brief written review of their time at the conference.
Penny will send out the scholarship application announcement beginning in early June and frequently thereafter. Applications must be submitted to Penny by July 18. The application review committee is Leona, Charlie, Lynn, and Penny. There were 2 applicants last year and Penny would like to have double the number of applicants for 2014.

VI) Adjournment

Charlie moved to adjourn the meeting. Carole seconded. Penny adjourned the meeting at 1:46pm.
Respectfully submitted by Sarah Crevelling, RLRT Secretary, on May 7, 2014

June 19, 2013, Central New York Library Resources Council, Syracuse, NY

  1. Call to order

Penny called the meeting to order at 10:35am. Present in the conference room: Penny (President), Carol (Treasurer), Sarah (Secretary), Cynthia (Vice President). Present via conference call: Leona (Programmer), Jeremy from NYLA, and Charlie G., formerly of Gouverneur.

  1. Approval of minutes

Carol motioned to approve the minutes from the November 9, 2012 meeting. Leona seconded. Minutes were approved unanimously.

  1. Treasurer’s report

Carol reported that our current balance is $1294.77. Carol also noted that our membership has gone down some. In October 2012 there were 87 members of RLRT and in May 2013 the number was down to 72. There was some discussion of membership numbers possibly increasing after the NYLA Conference this year, and that we should try to increase membership in other ways.

  1. Old Business
  1. NYLA Program


Leona reviewed our two programs:

  1. Friday, September 27, 3:45 to 5pm: Rural Libraries Table Talks. Join RLRT for “Table Talks” – Small group discussions about simple, creative programs, advocacy, promotion, and collaboration that can work for even the smallest libraries. Bring your ideas and tips to share.

-presenting will be Sarah, Angela, and Penny

-we will invite members to submit photos of successful programs via email to Cynthia, who will put them on a slide show on her iPad, which we will have at the table talks to add some visual interest

     2. Saturday, September 28, 9:30-10:45am: Libraries and Literacy Coalitions:   

            Essential Partners – Learn how libraries collaborate with the Madison

            County Literacy Coalition. Over 60 county-wide groups provide literacy

            services of all types: adult, early childhood, family, financial, digital, and

            health literacy.

            -presenting will be: Jay Dunn, Executive Director of the Madison County

            Literacy Coalition and Betsy Kennedy, Director of the Cazenovia Public

            Library. We have offered Mr. Dunn $225.00 to cover his costs to come

            and speak. Ms. Kennedy’s costs will be covered by her library.

Those present thanked Leona for her hard work organizing these programs.

  1. Nominations for Vice President and Treasurer

Carol and Cynthia resubmitted themselves as nominees. There were no other nominations. Voting will be held at the next meeting of the membership which will immediately follow the RLRT table talks program at 5pm on Friday, September 27.

  1. Newsletter

There was discussion of the need for a quarterly newsletter to keep the membership informed and also to help recruit new members. Penny will be in touch with the people who had previously volunteered to help with a newsletter to see if they are still interested. Other newsletter and publicity ideas discussed were: we should email our newsletter to system directors so they can distribute it to directors within their system who may not know that RLRT exists or who may not be NYLA members; each issue of the newsletter could have a focus on a particular region of the state and solicit news from the next issue’s region; we need to be able to update our Facebook page and make sure our page on NYLA’s site is current; we need a list of current and former members and their email addresses (Jeremy volunteered to furnish this).

  1. New Business
  1. Scholarship

Charlie suggested that we should create a scholarship for someone who is not a NYLA member, or who is a lapsed member, to attend the NYLA conference. Everyone thought this was a great idea. Leona motioned be put $250.00 toward a scholarship and Sarah seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Applications for the scholarship will consist of a letter demonstrating need and the committee to review applications will consist of Penny, Leona, and Charlie.

  1. NYLA Organizational membership changes

Carol asked Jeremy about the recent news of NYLA organizational membership changes, and Jeremy gave us the short version: there will be a change in the number of categories for organizations to add more categories for libraries with smaller budgets. If the changes are accepted at the membership meeting at NYLA 2013, they will also mean a reduction in dues for some smaller libraries and a sliding scale of associate memberships with voting privileges and conference discounts. There was discussion of how these changes could benefit the many rural libraries that have very small budgets and Leona expressed that we need to attend the membership meeting and vote to express our support. Carol mentioned that this should be put in the next newsletter.

VI) Adjournment

Penny adjourned the meeting at 11:30am.

Respectfully submitted by Sarah Crevelling on June 19, 2013.

November 9, 2012, NYLA Annual Conference, Saratoga Springs, NY

I.      Call to order

Angela Gonzalez called to order the regular meeting of the Rural Libraries Round Table at 2:15pm on November 9, 2012 in the Whitney Room of the Saratoga Hilton.

II.      Open issues

a)      Difficulty of in-person meetings / we should try to meet more online; NYLA may be able to help us with web conferencing software/support

b)      Problems with emails going through / Jeremy Johannesen is aware

c)      We need a booth chair for 2013 / volunteers will be sought

 III.      New business

a)      Angela motioned to approve Sarah Crevelling as new RLRT Secretary; attendees approved

b)      Angela motioned to approve Penny Kerfien as new RLRT President; attendees approved

IV.      Adjournment

Angela adjourned the meeting at 2:25pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Sarah Crevelling, November 14, 2012

RURAL LIBRARIES ROUNDTABLE Meeting Minutes Thursday, November 3, 2011 Hampton Inn, Saratoga Springs, New York 2011 Annual NYLA Conference

In Attendance: Penny Kerfien, Angela Gonzalez (Warsaw Public Library), Brian Hildreth (Howe Public Library), Karen Sperrazza (Clayville Library Association), Carole Kupelian (Retired), Leona Chereshnoski (Osceola Public Library), Charlotte Garofalo (Gouverneur Reading Room), Lyn Swafford (Canton Free Library), Beverly Choltco-Devlin (Mid-York Library System), Pam Stocking (Ellenville Public Library & Museum), Kathy Stempel (Berne Public Library)

I. Meeting was called to order at 9:22 am by Angela Gonzalez, Interim President
II. Meeting minutes from the May 2011 meeting were read and summarized by Angela Gonzalez. A motion was made by Beverly Choltco-Devlin to accept the minutes as presented. The motion was seconded by Carole Kupelian. All were in favor.
III. Treasurer’s Report
No Report was Provided.

IV. Chair Reports on Committee Activities

? Conference Program Committee: Angela Gonzalez reported that the proposed 2011 conference program was cancelled due to a last minute speaker cancellation. The same program will be picked up for next year’s 2012 conference. This program will feature Martha McCormick who will discuss strategies for the 60 Second Marketing Speech. No costs have yet been reported or possible co-sponsorship.
? Nominating Committee Chair Report: Angela Gonzalez reported that no members of the Roundtable expressed interest in serving as an officer. A slate of officers was presented at the meeting to continue the business of the Roundtable. The officers were presented as followed:
President (Term Expires 2012): Angela Gonzalez Vice President (Serving Second Year of 2 Year Term): Beverly Choltco-Devlin Treasurer (Term Expires 2012): Carole Kupelian Secretary (Serving Second Year of 2 Year Term): Brian M. Hildreth
A motion to accept the slate of officers was made by Brian M. Hildreth and was seconded by Penny Kerfien. All were in favor.
Joan Pellikka was nominated to Chair of the Nominating Committee for 2012 pending her approval.
? Exhibit Coordinator (Booth Chair): Beverly Choltco-Devlin was appointed to Chair for the RLRT Exhibit Booth for the 2012 Conference by unanimous decision.
? Publications and Newsletter Committee Report: Brian M. Hildreth volunteered to coordinate the 2011/2012 Newsletter for the RLRT. Beverly Choltco-Devlin agreed to provide an article for the letter.
? Web Chair Report: Angela Gonzalez reported the RLRT webpage on the NYLA’s website was current with the exception of the Spring 2011 Newsletter and May 2011 meeting minutes. It was noted that because NYLA’s website has been revamped that it takes longer to get information on the Web. Angela will get the information current in the short term.
? Membership Committee Report: Brian M. Hildreth reported the current RLRT membership at the time of Conference is 90. This is up 14 members in comparison to 2010.
Additional Issues of Discussion
RLRT members began open discussion by conducting self-introductions to familiarize new members and existing members with each other. Members then began to talk about the hardships, as well as victories taking place in their rural libraries and communities. There was a general consensus that many libraries were suffering due to stagnant financial situations and lack of local of support. However, all agreed that the mission of rural libraries was relevant and that library supporters would continue to fight and advocate on behalf of their community libraries.
Vice President Beverly Choltco-Devlin discussed the importance of submitting a letter and statement about the relevance of rural libraries on behalf of RLRT to the Regents Advisory Council regarding their Long Range and Strategic Planning. Beverly agreed to create a draft and make changes based on recommendations from members of RLRT. A motion was made by Carole Kupelian and seconded by Lyn Swafford to encourage Beverly to move forward on this action. All were in favor.
Further discussion included the importance of technology within rural libraries with regards to providing unabridged access to all members of the community. OPACs have become the primary source for community members to search for jobs and draft resumes and applications. Most employers require electronic submittal of information as opposed to traditional forms of application for employment. Several resources were mentioned, specifically online job databases, 1 on 1 career mentoring and career building classes.
The next RLRT meeting will take place May 18th, 2012 at the Utica Public Library or the Mid-York Library System. A specific meeting location and time will be determined at a later date and communicated via the RLRT listserv. Meeting adjourned at 10:32 am.
Respectfully Submitted, Brian M. Hildreth, Secretary Rural Libraries Roundtable

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