NYLA Outstanding Service to Libraries Award

Nomination form for the NYLA Outstanding Service to Libraries Award (PDF)

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To recognize and honor an individual who, or a group that, has made a significant, sustained contribution to the development, promulgation, growth or extension of library/information services to the people of NYS or to residents within a designated service area within the State. Recognition may include lifetime NYLA membership, citation, and gift.


An individual who, as an employee or trustee of a library or information service or a group with a direct library affiliation, significantly improved library service for the people of New York. NYLA Council members are not eligible.

Awards may be considered for significant contributions in at least one of the following:

  1. Promotion of library services through exemplary performance and public recognition.
  2. Creative application of the use of technology in the delivery of library and information services.
  3. Design and implementation of an enlightened management and personnel system that greatly improves library and information services.
  4. Promotion and development of improved public understanding of library and information services through effective legislative or public relations programs.
  5. Creation of original work that substantially contributes to the improvement of library and information services.
  6. Leadership and service contributing to the development and effectiveness of the goals and objectives of NYLA.

Previous Recipients

2018 - Rebekkah Smith Aldrich

2017 - Steve Bolton

2016 -  Ellen Rubin

2015 - Mary Ratzer

2014 - Matthew Bollerman, Hauppauge Public Library

2013 - All library staff who help their communities during times of crisis.

2012- Samuel Simon

2011 - Andrew P. Jackson, Queens Public Library

2010 - Norman Sinclair, Lockport Public Library Trustee

2009 - DJ Stern; Prakash Upadhyaya

2008 - Tom Alrutz

2007 - Dr. Annette Johnson

2006 - Dolores Marino

2005 - Mary Brown

2004 - Gerald Nichols

2003 - Mary Rinato Berman

2002 - Mary Jo Ketchum

2001 - Michael O'Connor

2000 - Randall Enos

1999 - Eileen Kelliher

1998 - John Hammond

1997 - Glyn T. Evans

1996 - Joseph F. Shubert

1995 - Shirley Lang

1994 - Robert Barron

1993 - Carol Kearney, Timothy Healy (posthumous)

Additional Previous Recipients

Richard Halsey, Lore Scurrah, Frances Dye Clark, Stanley Ransom, Andrew Geddes, Lucille Thomas, Peter Laux, Richard Panz. Daniel Casey, Marie Bruni, Janet Welch, Esther Lopato, Mildred Lowe (posthumous), Helen Flowers, David Cohen, Janet Decker .

Nomination Form for the NYLA Outstanding Service to Libraries Award (PDF)