The name of this group shall be the New York Library Association, Rural Libraries Round Table, also known as NYLA RLRT.




The purpose of the NYLA RLRT is to provide a cooperative network for staff, friends and trustees of rural libraries to keep abreast of current trends and best practices and to assist NYLA in its mission and goals.




Section 1.

Any NYLA member may become a member of the Round Table upon payment of their dues. Refer to NYLA schedule of costs for membership dues.

Section 2. Rights and Privileges:

Only members of the Round Table shall have the right to vote and hold office, as well as the right to be appointed to a committee or task force.

Section 3. Dues:


Dues are payable in accordance with the practices of the New York Library Association




Section 1.

The elected members of the Board are President, Vice-President/President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary and up to three members-at-large. These officers plus the immediate past President will form the Executive Board.


          Section 2. Duties of Officers:


Shall preside at all Executive Board and general membership meetings; shall serve as ex-officio member of all committees; shall appoint the chairperson of each committee; shall provide copies of a written agenda for each general membership meeting; and shall act as a liaison between the Round Table and other organizations. Upon completion of term, serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee.


Vice-President/President Elect:


In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President. The Vice-President shall also assist the President and perform such other duties and have such other powers as prescribed in the Bylaws and as from time to time may be prescribed by the Executive Board.


Immediate Past President: Serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee.




Shall be responsible for the minutes of both the Executive Board and general membership meetings (said minutes shall be readily available to all members at each meeting); shall conduct correspondence; and shall preserve all of the round table’s records in a permanent file.




Maybe reword this section as follows: “Shall be responsible for all Round Table funds and shall submit all receipts/records of disbursements to NYLA for accounting purposes. The Treasurer shall deposit or cause to be deposited all monies or other valuable effects in the name of the Rural Libraries Round Table with NYLA, in compliance with NYLA regulations. The Treasurer shall maintain all accounting statements received from NYLA.”




Shall coordinate meetings, membership drives and other local activities and shall perform other duties as may be prescribed by the Executive Board, including, but not limited to program planning for the Annual Conference, and Chairing Standing Committees and Taskforces. Members-at-large serve as a liaison between the RLRT general membership and the Executive Board.


Section 3. Election of Officers:


Following the NYLA General Election schedule, the Nominating Committee shall send a notice to the membership, inviting nominations. One month from the date of the mailing of the notice shall be allowed for receipt of nominations. In the case where no name is offered by the membership for any given office, or where the name offered does not accept the nomination, the Nominating Committee shall present a single candidate, approved by a majority vote of the committee for inclusion in the slate. Nominees are encouraged to include a short biography and statement to be included with the ballot.

Nominees shall not be eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee.


Election to office shall be by a simple majority of returned ballots. In the case of a tie vote, the Executive Board shall be responsible for breaking the tie by electing one of the candidates. A simple majority of the Executive Board shall carry.


Section 4.


All officers shall serve until the adjournment of the business meeting at the annual NYLA conference, except the person who has been elected Vice-President/President Elect who shall, after serving the term of that office, automatically become President without further election. The President


  1. The President, Vice-President/President Elect and Immediate Past President shall serve one-year terms.


  1. The Secretary and Treasurer shall serve two-year terms.


  1. The Members-at-Large shall have staggered terms of two years each with the election of at least one member annually.


Section 5.


Vacancies in the officers of the Round Table shall be filled by appointment until the next annual election. Appointments are to be made by a majority vote of the Executive Board.


Section 6. Termination of Office:


Any elected officer may be terminated by a majority vote of the Executive Board. Cause for termination shall include non-attendance at two consecutive meetings of the Executive Board without being excused, and/or dereliction of duties. The Secretary, under the direction of the Executive Board, shall notify the officer in writing of the cause for termination action taken against him/her.


Section 7. Re-election of Officers:


Officers may be re-elected but may not serve more than two consecutive terms for the same office.


Article V - MEETINGS


The Round Table will hold a minimum of two meetings a year, including the regularly scheduled meeting at the New York Library Association Conference, the time and place to be determined by the Executive Board. Online meetings are permitted. Five members in addition to the Executive Board members shall constitute a quorum at general membership meetings. Resolutions, recommendations and decisions of the meetings shall be adopted by a majority of those voting. A simple majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum for Executive Board meetings. .



Section 1: Standing Committees:

Nominating Committee: The Chair is the immediate Past President. This committee meets on an annual basis to select the slate of officers.

The President may choose to form committees or task forces as appropriate and necessary throughout the year. At least one Executive Board member will act as a liaison to the committee/task force.




Section 1. Fiscal Year:

The fiscal year of the Round Table shall be the fiscal year of NYLA.

Section 2. Authorization and payment of expenditures:

No officer, committee or task force group, nor individual members of the Round Table, shall incur any expenses on behalf of the Round Table unless duly authorized by the President of the Round Table.

Section 3. Audit:

The Round Table's accounts are subject to the audit practices of the New York Library Association.

Section 4.

The Treasurer shall make an annual report on the financial status of the Round Table at the annual meeting of the membership.



Amendments to this document may be made by of any member upon presentation of a petition to the Executive Board with at least five signatures from current members in good standing, or by recommendation of the Executive Board. The amendment(s) shall be available in full for all members at the beginning of the annual meeting and shall require majority approval of the membership present and voting.



Publications of the New York Library Association, including annual meeting notices, shall constitute proper notice of the annual meeting of the membership of the Round Table.

Each member shall be notified of the time and place of the meeting of the Round Table.



The Round Table shall follow the practices of the New York Library Association in these matters.

Initially Adopted Fall 2008. Amended: August 2009, May 2010, February 2016, October 2020.