GIRT Publications

Documents to the People of the State of New York, annual newsletter.

Volume 29, (Fall 2010)

Volume 28, (Fall 2009)

Volume 27, (Fall 2008)



Government Publications for School Libraries: A Bibliographic Guide and Recommended Core Collection, by Donald J. Voorhees. $8.00

Government Publications for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries: A Core Collection, by David Karre. $6.00

New York State in Documents, 1982-1984: A Bibliography, by Donald J. Voorhees and David Parish. (1986) $6.00

New York State in Documents, 1985-1986, by Donald J. Voorhees. (1987) $7.00

New York State in Documents, 1987-1988, by Donald J. Voorhees. $10.00

1986 Task Force on New York State Depository Program: Report and Recommendations to the New York State Library. $8.00

Teaching Science with Uncle Sam: A Resource Book and Bibliographic Guide to U.S. Government Publications for Elementary Teachers and Librarians, by Donald J. Voorhees. (1991) $10.00

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