GIRT Constitution & Bylaws

Government Information Round Table
New York Library Association
Amended October 1992, October 1994, and October 2007

  1. NAME: The name of this organization shall be the New York Library Association, Government Information Round Table, also known as NYLA/GIRT.
  2. PURPOSE: The purpose of this Round Table shall be the furtherance of knowledge and the use of all types of information products and services of all levels of government (local - international); planning and coordinating related informational and training programs; recognition of outstanding contributions to the wider understanding of government information; communication between librarians and other interested parties working with government information policy; publishing materials relating to the government information field; and encouraging legislation for improving the dissemination and use of government information products and services.
  3. MEMBERSHIP: All NYLA members may become members of the Round Table upon payment of their Round Table dues.
  4. BOARD: Board is comprised of nine members, elected or appointed as follows: President (elected); Vice President/President Elect (elected); Secretary (elected); Treasurer (elected); Immediate Past President (elected); Legislative Coordinator (appointed); Newsletter Editor (appointed); Webmaster (appointed) and Committee on New York State Government Documents Chair (appointed). 
    1. Duties of Board Members
      1. President -- The President shall be the chief officer of NYLA/GIRT and shall appoint committees with the approval of the Board, coordinate and plan the activities of the Board, and conduct meetings. The President will report annually to the President of NYLA on the activities of the Round Table. Such reports are to be presented in writing within one month after the annual meeting of the Association.
      2. Vice President/President Elect -- The Vice President/President Elect shall assume the responsibilities and office of President at the NYLA/GIRT annual meeting following his or her election as Vice President/President elect. In addition to assuming the duties and responsibilities of the President in his or her absence, the Vice President/ President elect will be responsible for membership recruitment activities and will serve as the annual conference coordinator. He or she will assume chief responsibility for coordinating the Round Table's conference activities, as well as other activities on a state and/or local basis.
      3. Secretary -- the Secretary shall keep the minutes of general and Board meetings and receive and distribute correspondence.
      4. Treasurer -- The Treasurer shall authorize with the approval of Board, all disbursement of funds and prepare financial reports for Board meetings and for the membership at the NYLA/GIRT annual meeting.
      5. Legislative Coordinator -- The Legislative Coordinator will be responsible for representing NYLA/GIRT on matters concerning present and proposed legislation affecting government documents librarians.
      6. Webmaster -- The Webmaster shall be responsible for updates to and maintenance of NYLA/GIRT's web presence.  In addition, the Webmaster will be responsible for the transcription of Round Table proceedings at the NYLA annual conference, and the active encouragement, solicitation, and publication of occasional papers relating to government publications.
      7. Newsletter Editor -- The Newsletter Editor will be responsible for the gathering, editing, and publishing of a periodical newsletter. Contributions will be solicited from the members of the Board, as well as from members of the documents community at large.
      8. Immediate Past President -- The Past President will serve to advise the Board on its activities and he or she will form part of the Nominating Committee (see Section V, A).
      9. Committee on New York State Government Documents -- The Chair of the Committee on New York State Government shall coordinate the activities of that committee and work with the New York State Library to review the New York State Document Depository Program.
    2. Terms of Office
      Board members and their respective terms of office are listed below. Except as noted, Board members shall serve until the adjournment of the general Round Table membership meeting at the NYLA annual conference. 
      President One term consisting of one year only
      Vice-President/President Elect One term consisting of one year only
      Immediate Past President One term consisting of one year only
      Secretary One term consisting of two years, renewable by election
      Treasurer One term consisting of two years, renewable by election
      Legislative Coordinator Two year appointment, renewable for two years
      Newsletter Editor Two year appointment, renewable for two years
      Webmaster Two year appointment, renewable for two years
      Committee on New York State Government Documents Chair Two year appointment, renewable for two years

      The above named officers appointed by the President or elected by the membership of NYLA/GIRT will form the Board.

    3. Vacancies and Committee Appointments
      1. Vacancies in the offices shall be filled by the President from the general membership of NYLA/GIRT until the next election.
      2. The President with the approval of the Board shall appoint representatives to external committees as requested by the coordinators of those committees.
      3. The Board may create such committees as it deems necessary. Appointments to committees shall not exceed two years. Appointments may be renewed by the President. Each committee chairperson shall maintain a record of activities and meetings and shall submit a written annual report of the NYLA conference. Within thirty days of the end of the annual conference, committee chairpersons and members of the committees shall be appointed by the President in consultation with the committee chairperson.
    4. Board Meetings and Voting
      1. The policies and programs of the Round Table shall be determined by the Round Table during its business meeting at the NYLA conference. The Board shall manage the affairs of the Round Table except that it shall not have the power to amend the Constitution or Bylaws.
      2. During Board meetings the presence of a majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum.
      3. The Board shall hold at least one meeting at the NYLA annual conference.
      4. Any action of the Board may be set aside by a two-thirds majority at any membership meeting of the Round Table.
    1. Nominations Committee -- A nominations committee will be formed by the outgoing President with the Immediate Past President and one member appointed from the Round Table membership at large.
    2. Nominations -- Candidates for office shall be nominated by members of the Round Table or shall volunteer to be a candidate. All candidates must be personal members of the Round Table at the time of their nominations and throughout their terms of office.
    3. Procedure -- Persons who wish to volunteer to be a candidate or who wish to nominate a Round Table member for an office may do so by writing the Round Table President no later than sixty days prior to the commencement of the NYLA annual conference. The names of those nominated will be circulated to the Round Table members and will be listed in the Fall issue of Documents to the People of the State of New York. Voting for the members of the Board will be done prior to the NYLA annual conference with the newly elected Board members taking office at the NYLA annual conference.
    1. The annual meeting for the membership will be held during the annual conference of the New York Library Association.
    2. Quorum. A majority of those members present and voting shall constitute a quorum.
  7. FINANCES:  

    1. The fiscal year of the Round Table shall be January 1st to December 31st.
    2. No officers, committee chairpersons, or members of the Round Table shall incur any expense in their name unless authorized by the Treasurer and the President.
    3. The funds allocated to the Round Table in accordance with the policy adopted by the New York Library Association shall serve as the dues for the Round Table.
  8. AMENDMENTS: Amendments of the Bylaws may be initiated by the Board or by a petition of ten members. The Board shall be required to submit all proposed amendments of Bylaws with recommendation for ratification by two-thirds of the members present and voting at a membership meeting of the Round Table, provided that a copy of the proposed amendment of Bylaws has been sent to each member of the Round Table at least thirty days prior to the date set for final action.
  9. PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY: The latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall constitute parliamentary authority in all matters not covered by this Constitution.