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Did you know New York State is home to the largest state park in the entire United States? Adirondack Park is an astouding 6 million acres, which means Yellowstone (2.2 million), Yosemite (.76) , Glacier (1) , Grand Canyon (1.2), and Great Smokies (.5) National Parks would all fit in the Adirondacks. Or that New York State is home to over 2,000 waterfalls? Or that there are over 280 species of birds that travel through Central Park? This guide was created for both everyday users, librarians, and other educators in mind. It is designed to spark your interest in all the amazing ways to engage with the natural world in New York. Our state is large and diverse, and we hope this guide not only educates but also brings people together.

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What can you explore?



Bird Watching



Native Plant Gardening

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