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This page provides information and resources to those serving as conference curators, including news and updates, forms, and other vital information.

2023 Conference Curators' Handbook (PDF) (COMING SOON)

Please note this page is being updated for 2023 - please be patient as we are updating the current forms and agreements below.

Speaker Agreements

Speaker agreements are processed AFTER your program has been assigned a date & time in the conference schedule.
NYLA strongly recommends that you complete a contract or agreement with every speaker for each program. Having your terms in writing is simply good policy and helps ensure that all parties understand what is being promised/expected. There are two different templates for crafting an agreement between your group and a speaker. 

Simple Speaker Letter of Agreement

This is a template starting point for creating a simple barebones agreement between your group and a speaker.  This version is best used if an honoraria is NOT being paid.  This simple form will be ideal for most conference programs. Feel free to delete from the document all those details that do not pertain to your specific situation. If you are issuing a simple letter of agreement to your speaker, you do NOT need to submit a copy to NYLA. Please submit this form by April 14.

Download the Simple Speaker In-Person Program Letter of Agreement (DOC)

Sample Speaker Contract

This is a template starting point for creating a contract between your group and your speaker in instances where an honoraria IS being paid to the speaker.  Feel free to delete from the document all those details that do not pertain to your specific situation.  If you are issuing a contract to your speaker, please submit a copy of the signed contract to NYLA by April 14.
Download the Speaker Contract In-Person Program with Honorarium (DOC)

W9 Form

All speakers who are receiving an honorarium must submit a W-9 Form with their contract in order to receive payment.  It is the responsibility of the speaker to report the income to the IRS under current tax laws. This form must be returned to the NYLA office by July 14th. The NYLA Office must have the original W9.

Download the IRS W-9 Form (PDF) (Note: We only need page one returned.)

NYLA Reimbursement Request Form

Submit this form along with a signed copy of your speaker contract or agreement and W-9 (for honorarium only) to request that a check be prepared for presentation to the speaker at the conference. This form is due by September 15th. Complete reimbursement policies.

Download the NYLA Reimbursement Request Form (PDF)


Speaker Lodging Request Form

This form is required for requesting speaker housing through NYLA. The speaker housing request form is used only if your group is paying for the speaker’s housing. Requests for speaker housing are due JULY 31.  While speakers are normally housed at the headquarters hotel, your group may opt to house a speaker at any of the available conference hotels.  Your group will be billed at the prevailing conference room rate.

AV Request Form

This form is required ONLY if your group is requesting A/V equipment for your program BEYOND the 'Standard Set-up'.
'Standard Set-up includes: one standing microphone, one small powered speaker, one 6’ tripod screen, an LCD projector, and a projector stand. Please review the complete details on the costs associated with A/V equipment in the Conference Programmers Handbook. DEADLINE AUGUST 11

Book Stock Request Form

Used to request books authored by your speakers that you would like sold at the NYLA/Northshire Books during the conference. If your presenter will be discussing books at his/her session by someone else, then Northshire Books would like to know that as well. For instance, are there any presenters who are recommending titles they haven't written (like lists of books that deal with a specific topic)? Plus, they will sell CDs if your presenter has produced any and wants them sold at the conference. DEADLINE AUGUST 11

Ribbon Request Form

Please contact if you would like to order any specific ribbons for your Section/Roundtable/Affiliate attendees.  If you do order ribbons, it is your responsibility to hand them out to your groups (this can be done at your booth if you choose to have one). DEADLINE AUGUST 11. Ribbons are $.21 each.

Food & Beverage Requests

Contact if you would like to order food for any of your sessions.  Food & Beverage items will be billed out to your group as part of the conference billing process.  **Please be sure to discuss the expense with your group’s treasurer and board before ordering food & beverage items (F&B items are subject to a service charge of 22%)** DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 15

Room Monitor Form

A room monitor MUST be assigned to each conference program. A room monitor MUST be someone separate from the speaker(s).
(This ensures that if there is an issue the program can continue while the monitor seeks help to remedy the issue.) While room monitors serve an important role at the NYLA conference they do not receive free conference registration. For more details on Room Monitors, please review the Conference Programmers Handbook. DEADLINE OCTOBER 1

Guest Ticket Form

Use this form to reserve guest tickets to conference events.  **If your group is not the sponsor of the event, then it will be billed for the face value of the cost of the ticket(s) you are requesting.  However, if your group is the sponsor of the event, it will not be billed for the cost of the tickets as your group is already being charged for the ‘wholesale’ cost of the event. DEADLINE OCTOBER 13

Section/Roundtable/Committee Booths

Booth is available at a discounted rate to NYLA Sections, Roundtables, and Committees on the NYLA Trade Show Floor.  Booths present an opportunity to promote your services, recruit new members, and connect with current members.


In order to reserve your groups space, you must complete and submit a Display Booth Request Form by AUGUST 15

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