Execute Director's Report

by Jeremy Johannesen, NYLA Executive Director

A Rose by Any Other Name

Much has been written of late about how the people who make use of library services should be referred to.  Users? Customers? Patrons? Members?

Stephen Bell got the most recent debate rolling in Library Journal, and David Lankes also weighed in.  So, here I am with my completely unqualified two cents.

Some of you may know that my education is in arts education – I was trained as an art teacher.  The eclectic education that I received at the College of Saint Rose (known as a liberal arts and teach prep institution) has served me well, bridging time between the art department and the school of education.  Part of the required course work placed me in more than my desired share of art history classes.  It is in that environment that I became acquainted with the term and concept of a patron.  Members of the ruling (read wealthy) class would provide stipends to working artists, often without specific direction or commissions, to simply underwrite their work.

How does this fit in?  I love the term library patron.  To me it is not heralding back to some terrible classist term; but rather elevating all of us who cross the threshold of our libraries.  Who doesn’t want to be recognized as a supporter?  As someone who advances the mission of an institution simply by virtue of walking in?  Patron implies supporter, which to me implies advocate.

Customers consume.  Users use. Members pay dues.  But patrons – patrons are supporters.

NYLA Council Election 2019

We are pleased to announce the results of this year’s Council Election, and to report 724 votes cast (17.3% of eligible voters).

(All terms start and end at the given years Annual Conference.)

Congratulations to each of our new Council members!

Bios for each of the new elected Councilors remain available – click here.

Thanks to all who participated in the election process; your vote has helped to shape the future of NYLA.

Many thanks to our other candidates:

Details on the results of the Section elections will be posted by the leaders of those groups directly.


Library Advocacy Day 2020
, February 25, 2020

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