#NYLA2020 Virtual Conference & Trade Show Strengthening Our Core Where: Where You Are | When: Nov 5th - 6th

NYLA 2020 VIRTUAL Annual Conference
& Trade Show

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#NYLA2020 Virtual Trade Show

Each exhibitor is worth a number of points that you can redeem for limited edition & vintage NYLA swag!

How do I redeem these points?
You must either 1:1 video or text chat with an exhibitor booth rep. After your convo, ask for their "Core Code." This code can be used to redeem points in the Gamification" section of the Conference Portal.

How much is each exhibitor worth?
Each exhibitor is connected to a sponsorship tier that is named after one of the core values of librarianship.

Sustainability Sponsor - 20 Points
The Public Good Sponsor - 10 Points
Intellectual Freedom Sponsor - 5 Points
Democracy & Diversity Sponsor - 3 Points
All-Access Sponsor - 1 Point

The Virtual Trade Show is open:
Thursday, November 5 | 10AM –4PM and
Friday, November 6 | 9AM – 4PM.

There are designated "breaks" in the conference schedule for you to engage with our exhibitors.

Thursday, November 5th
10:30AM - 11:00AM
12:00PM - 1:00PM
1:00PM - 1:30PM
2:30PM - 3:00PM

Friday, November 6th
11:30AM - 2PM
3:00PM - 3:30PM

Have more questions about the #NYLA2020 Virtual Trade Show? Visit our "Welcome" booth in the exhibit hall & chat with Christina 1:1.

NYLA 2020 VIRTUAL Social Hour

Thursday, November 5
4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
One of the greatest parts of the NYLA Annual Conference is the opportunity to connect with colleagues and friends and engage in conversations that move beyond just library topics.

In an attempt to replicate those happenstance gatherings that are a staple of the NYLA conference, we are offering up Social Hour. Individuals are invited to put forward a room topic, and invite all comers to join in their virtual happy hour conversation – whether or not you enjoy a beverage at the same time is up to you.

Want to host a room?
Send your name, room topic, and a link to your Zoom room to projects@nyla.org by 12PM on Wednesday, November 4.
A listing of the available rooms will be listed on the NYLA Conference Site & in the Virtual Conference Lobby.

COVID-19 Pre-Conference Panel

Wednesday, November 5, 2020
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
This panel discussion will focus on the challenges faces by library leaders in making operational decisions during the past seven months. Library directors from different sizes and types of public libraries will share their insights on lessons learned and the challenges ahead.  Log-in to the NYLA Conference site to join this program.

Moderator: Davis Erin Anderson, METRO

Tina Dalton, Library Director, Cuba Circulating Library
Scott Jarzombek, Executive Director, Albany Public Library
Caitlin Johnson, Library Director, Schuylerville Public Library
Christopher Sagaas, Director, Utica Public Library

Virtual Conference Pro-Tips

•    Plan to ATTEND the conference.  If possible, participate in the virtual conference away from the library.  Being away from your desk will allow you to focus on participating in much the same way you would if you had traveled to the conference in person.
•    Take notes. Be intentional and make record of your “Ah-Ha!” moments.
•    Use the tools on the site to connect (via chat or video conference) with your fellow attendees.  NYLA conference is all about making connections, so leverage the options available in the virtual format.
•    Get social – Use the hashtag #NYLA2020 on all social platforms to share your conference thoughts and get noticed.
•    Get Credit for your OnDemand Session – When you ‘browse away’ from a session, the recording will reset to the beginning when you return.



We know firsthand how this year continues to be a whirlwind of instability. All the while, we see how you all must continuously reinvent and reimagine your library's programming to your community role in the midst of a global pandemic.

And, despite it all, we have seen all of our members rise up to the challenge time and time again. We are grateful and honored to work on your behalf.

With this being said, we wanted to touch base and give at least one source of clarity and familiarity – The NYLA 2020 Conference & Trade Show is still a-go and we will be entirely VIRTUAL!

Important Dates & Deadlines


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NYLA President’s Welcome

Dr. Jen Cannell, NYLA President

Strengthening Our Core

Welcome to the New York Library Association’s 2020 Annual Conference.  We fully anticipate that this will be the #BestVirtualConferenceEver!  During this historic year, we offer you a new format, new opportunities, new skills, and new connections all from the comfort of your own home or workspace.

2020 was destined to be a special year.  When we gathered in Saratoga Springs for last year’s conference, no one could have predicted the changes we would see in the coming months.  The 2020 theme of Strengthening our Core was an appeal to examine our beliefs and practices.  The pandemic, calls for long overdue social justice, and new ways of operating have all provided us with authentic opportunities to truly examine ourselves and our profession.
Our amazing team of conference curators have worked closely with NYLA’s staff to develop the #BestVirtualConferenceEver!  This year’s conference has something special to offer library workers from all types of libraries including public, school, academic and special libraries.  As you browse the digital brochure you will notice that all sessions are aligned to the Core Values of Librarianship.  These universal values ensure that the sessions presented during this conference resonate with every member of the New York Library Association.

•    Access
•    Confidentiality & Privacy
•    Democracy
•    Diversity
•    Education and Lifelong Learning
•    Intellectual Freedom
•    The Public Good
•    Preservation
•    Professionalism
•    Service
•    Social Responsibility
•    Sustainability
Check out this full roster of the Core Values of Librarianship

I certainly wish that we were all gathered in person to enjoy this conference side by side.  Yet, I am excited for this new way of connecting.  Our virtual conference does not limit us to the sessions, people, or opportunities that present themselves in real time.  Instead, we can take full advantage of this new way of holding conference to attend all sessions of interest long after our conference days have concluded.  We have tucked in a few surprises and know that the programming for NYLA’s 2020 Annual Conference offers opportunities to spark curiosity, engage in meaningful learning, and advance our thinking as we continue Strengthening Our Core.  Enjoy!

NYLA 2020 Virtual Annual Conference
Hardship Scholarship Application

Are you interested in participating in the NYLA 2020 Virtual Conference, but have been furloughed, laid-off, or otherwise have challenges affording registration?

NYLA is funding conference scholarships to help individuals in need.

Deadline: Monday, October 26th by 5PM

Apply for a NYLA 2020 Hardship Scholarship

Thank you to our Conference Curators!

The conference programmers are representatives from all the sections, roundtables, and committees that make up NYLA.  It is their hard work that results in the conference as you know it.  Many thanks to each and every conference programmer!

NYLA President - Jennifer Cannell
NYLA Past President - Michelle Young
2020 Conference Chair - Amanda Travis
2020 Conference Associate Chair - Ellen Rubin
CE Committee - Deanna Dicarlo

For Trade Show questions, please contact NYLA Marketing or call 518-432-6952 ext. 105.

Section Curators

ASLS - Jim Teliha
FLS - Karen Sperrazza
LAMS - Amanda Perrine
LTAS - Martha Anderson
PLS- Jennifer Byrnes
RASS - Kristin Charles-Scaringi
SMART - Steve Bachman
SSL -  Michelle Miller
YSS - Amy Relyea
SCLA - Casey Fehn

Round Table Curators

CORT - Andrea Snyder
ESRT -  Jay Dela Cruz
IFRT -  Frank McKenna
ILRT - Kate Erwin
LAR - Casey Conlin
LGBTQIART - Tom Vitale
LHRT - Michele Isopo
M&PRRT - Michelle Metcalf
MSRT - Nick Tanzi
NMN - Arielle Hessler
NYBLC - Sandra Echols 
PCRT - Rosemary Kiladitis
RLRT - Jessica Pacciotti
START - Geoff Kirkpatrick
SRRT - Katie Scott-Childress

Affiliate Curators

ESLN -  Jessica Philippe
PULISODO - Sara Dallas
SED/NYSL - Frank Rees
SLSA - Susanne Ford-Croghan
ULU - Damla Bek


Thank you to our Sponsors!


Future NYLA Conferences

2021: Syracuse, November 3-6
2022: Saratoga Springs, November 2-5
2023: Saratoga Springs, November 1-4

Wonder what it takes to bring the NYLA Conference to your home town?  Check out the NYLA Conference Site Considerations Page

NYLA Code of Conduct

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