Jen Ferriss

Candidate for ALA Chapter Councilor 2019-2022

Circulation & Tech Services, Saratoga Springs Public Library

For the past three years as New York’s ALA Chapter Councilor, I saw firsthand the power of collaboration, the ability to make organizational change (both positive and negative) and how to move within the behemoth organization.  There is more work to be done; change is beginning to happen.  I have a proven record of voting in favor of sustainability, equity and diversity and I would like to continue to represent New York and bring our concerns to the national organization and national concerns to New York.  Passing resolutions is only one step of the process, I would like to continue to make sure that mindful and appropriate implementation happens.  I will continue to educate myself so that I can be an informed and succinct councilor.  I welcome and appreciate any feedback NYLA members have on issues.  Thanks for your consideration of me for the position.


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