Corinne Leone

Candidate for Councilor-at-Large (Academic/Special) 2019-2022

Supervising Librarian & Law Library Coordinator, NYS DOCCS

The honor of serving as a NYLA Special Libraries Councilor-at-Large is as important as any task that I may be given. I believe all types of individuals and libraries should share their energy and have their voice heard.
I possess an MLIS and an Advanced Degree in Public Libraries. I became a librarian to apply myself, help others and enrich my life while doing so. Librarians hold great conferences, too!

I have served in the Public Library System and in the Special Library arena. I am fortunate to have been a contract Library Director; Library Manager; Reference Librarian; Virtual Librarian; Librarian I; Senior Librarian; and Supervising Librarian & Law Library Coordinator. These roles have allowed me to learn more about my profession and make an impact in the organizations that I work with.

I am privileged to partner with public libraries across New York State and to serve prison libraries every day. I work with librarians from many different environments who have all types of talents to promote access to all; specialized or generalized.

Those that we serve in the specialized environments, such as hospitals, corporations, museums, the military, private business, prisons, and other government are for those who live in our towns, our cities our state. While I remain committed to advocating on behalf of all libraries, I know there's room for special libraries to increase their advocacy role.

I have a lot to offer and I [as does Mark Twain] believe that “those who don't read good books have no advantage over those who can't.” In whatever capacity that I serve, it is part of my character to facilitate enthusiasm for goals and initiatives to constituents.


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