AnnaLee Dragon

Candidate for President-Elect (2019-20) / President (2020-21)

Director, Kinderhook Public Library

In the fifteen years since I became a librarian, I have dedicated myself to learning about, improving, and leading public libraries. I love nothing more than to be of service to others, and so I’m asking for your support in my run for the position of NYLA President.

I feel most productive when fully immersed not just in my own library, but in the larger scope of librarianship. There is a critical need for our profession to be involved in issues beyond our buildings; issues like equity, freedom of expression, social justice, and inclusion. My goal is to engage both emerging leaders and long-time professionals by supporting the transparency and inclusivity of NYLA as an organization. For those new to NYLA, I understand that it can sometimes feel like a game where everyone knows the rules except you. I hope to demystify the organization, encourage excitement, and allow for increased opportunities for involvement. We always need fresh viewpoints and energy to keep moving forward and remain focused on the major challenges we currently face.

Let’s get to work and dedicate the next year to open-mindedness about our organizations; meeting new and incredible people; and obtaining a level of transparency and cooperation that will support our dedicated library workers and their libraries well into the future.

I can promise short speeches and a surplus of enthusiasm! It would be an honor and a pleasure to serve as President.

AnnaLee Dragon Resume (PDF)


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