Claudia Depkin

Candidate for President-Elect (2019-20) / President (2020-21)

Director, Haverstraw King's Daughter Public Library

One of the things I love most about NYLA is the opportunity it gives library people to share, learn, and grow together. I first joined NYLA Council as the president of the Leadership & Management Section, then served an additional two years as Treasurer-Elect/Treasurer. NYLA’s special talent for helping forge connections in library-land between small and large, urban and rural, school and public, academic and special is what makes us each stronger as individuals in our careers and more dynamic as an organization.

The next NYLA president from the public library sphere must be a powerful advocate, with experience across a range of institutions. I will put my varied skillset to good use, leading the association in a unified direction. My background ranges from being an archivist in the music industry to managing a major NYPL project, to public library director serving a population of 36,000, to chairing the Regents Advisory Council on Libraries, to helping lead the NYLA Sustainability Initiative (and being named a 2019 Library Journal Mover & Shaker in the process).

As we move forward in this time of climate change, fiscal uncertainty, and social inequality, NYLA has a critical role to play helping libraries form stronger bonds with their stakeholders. Libraries are the beating hearts of our communities, schools, campuses, and institutions, and they require advocacy and action at all levels. Together we can build a more sustainable, resilient and regenerative future for our libraries, our patrons, and our state.

Claudia Depkin Resume (PDF)


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