2009 NYLA SnapShotNY and Libraries: Essential Advocacy Campaign

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NYLA has launched a "SnapShotNY: A Day in the Life of A Library" initiative, similar to ones conducted in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois, that documents in statistics, pictures, videos and user comments just how busy and essential libraries are.

We encourage you work with your system director to coordinate a day for your library to participate in this initiative. The deadline for submitting statistics, pictures, videos and user testimonials is Feb. 24th. In order to facilitate participation, you can pick any day that is the most convenient (statistically relevant) for your library to join in this event.

The purpose of SnapShotNY is to provide tangible proof that libraries consistently provide invaluable services to our communities, in our schools and on our college campuses.

Pick a day and send us your statistics for that one day in any or all of these areas:

  • How many patron visits?
  • How many people used your public computers?
  • How many reference questions did your staff answer?
  • How many children participated in programs (including school visits as well as library-sponsored programs)?
  • How many adults participated in programs?
  • What was the total circulation for the day?
  • How many hits did your website receive?

For assistance in organizing your "SnapShotNY: A Day in the Life of a Library," please contact events@nyla.org. Submit your statistics and testimonials by Feb. 24th so we can compile everything and showcase the information at Library Lobby Day, Tuesday, March 2nd in Albany. The libraries submitting the top three videos/photos/comments will receive a Flip Video Camera and one free registration to the NYLA Annual Conference in Saratoga Springs – Nov. 3-6th.

In addition, we also have an Online petition that people can sign that will be given to state leaders as well links to NYLA’s Online Advocacy Center for patrons to send letters by fax or email to their state legislators. Bookmarks and posters are also being printed that will be distributed to your library system to send to you with the Libraries:Essential campaign theme.

The bookmarks and posters are intended to mobilize library users to go to thewww.protectnylibraries.org website and get involved in library advocacy.

Information on SnapShotNY and Libraries:Essential Campaign is on www.protectnylibraries.org.

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