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Sustainable thinking ensures that communities thrive, bounce back from disruption and are infused with new and better life for everyone. Sustainable thinking builds awareness and consensus, and inspires action in library staff to own their role as sustainability leaders in their communities.

The Sustainable Thinking & Action Round Table (START) will provide assistance to the Sustainability Libraries Initiative to facilitate discussion and guide work around sustainable thinking to create resources designed to mobilize libraries within their communities; and plan related events and workshops for NYLA.


Join us today by logging in to your personal NYLA account, click ‘Personal Record Detail’ from the left-hand menu – then click on ‘Add Sections / Round Tables’ from the list of options at the top.

Elections - your candidates

Vice President - Sharon Berg

Candidate Statement: My 20 years of experience in libraries, combined with my background in environmental studies has equipped me with a considerable amount of knowledge and understanding that is needed to facilitate and guide sustainable thinking in libraries. During my career, I have been involved in numerous environmental and sustainability-related programs and endeavors. This has given me firsthand experience with library sustainability efforts. Many of the most serious environmental issues we face are inseparable from equally critical social issues. It is imperative that we learn to identify the needs of our individual communities to address these issues. Libraries are uniquely positioned to observe and impact these needs.  Identifying these needs allows us to more efficiently and effectively apply our library services in a way that will support community efforts to rise, unite, and face these challenges. This has been a primary priority in my library work; the process for which I have been working to develop and improve. I strive to provide a service that is grounded in the principles of the triple bottom line of sustainability, and I believe I could effectively contribute to the sowing of the Sustainable Libraries Initiative throughout New York State.

Candidate Bio: I am currently serving as an Adult Services Librarian at Crandall Public Library, with 20 years' of experience in the Southern Adirondack and the Upper Hudson Library Systems. I also hold an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies with a strong focus on sustainability and community organizing. The principles of these disciplines are central to my life and career, and I strive to advance them through my library work in programming, reference, and patron interactions. I am committed to the standards of the triple bottom line of sustainability, in all facets of my life, and I am compelled to advocate for their adoption throughout the library sphere of influence.

Treasurer - Amanda McCormick

Candidate Statement: Thank you for the opportunity to run for the role of Treasurer on START (Sustainable Thinking and Action Roundtable). This past year, I have been ASLS's representative to NYLA's Sustainability Committee, and I am excited to continue contributing to NYLA's work in advocating for sustainability in libraries and their local communities. I am currently the ASLS Treasurer, and I have been a member of NYLA since I first started in the profession as a public librarian. My experiences volunteering with NYLA have been rewarding, and I look forward to future work with the dedicated colleagues that I have met through NYLA.

Candidate Bio: Amanda McCormick is a Sr. Asst. Librarian at the University at Buffalo, where she serves as a subject librarian to the College of Arts and Sciences Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology and also to the School of Social Work. She holds an MLS and a JD from the University at Buffalo, as well as a BS degree in Biology from Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Prior to UB, Amanda was a public librarian with the Buffalo & Erie County system. Her professional interests include scientific literacy and the intersection of law and librarianship.




Member-At-Large - Scott Kushner

Candidate Statement: START brings valuable information to the library community (and therefore to their communities at large) regarding sustainability, which is necessary for survival and quality of life. As a member at large, I can bring a lot of experience in this regard to the table.

Candidate Bio: Grew up in New Jersey where I got a MA in Counseling at Montclair State University and a Masters in Library Science at Rutgers University. I moved to Syracuse, NY  in 2000, where I worked at  Gaylord Bros.   in customer support for their older library catalog software for two years. In 2002, I got the library director position at the LaFayette Public Library until I retired in September, 2021. in the interim, I also worked part time at the Central Library in Syracuse for 7 years and as an adjunct at Bryant & Stratton College for five years. Though I am retired, I am still involved in a number of sustainability initiatives




Board and Officers


President: Claudia Depkin
Vice-President: Geoffrey Kirkpatrick
Treasurer: Casey Conlin
Secretary: Lisa Kropp


President: Casey Conlin
Vice-President: Geoffrey Kirkpatrick
Treasurer: Jen Ferriss
Secretary: Karie Schulenburg
Member-at-Large: Janet Scherer


President: vacant
Vice-President: Geoffrey Kirkpatrick
Treasurer: Jen Ferriss
Secretary: vacant
Member-at-Large: Janet Scherer

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