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Sustainable thinking ensures that communities thrive, bounce back from disruption and are infused with new and better life for everyone. Sustainable thinking builds awareness and consensus, and inspires action in library staff to own their role as sustainability leaders in their communities.

The Sustainable Thinking & Action Round Table (START) will provide assistance to the NYLA Sustainability Initiative to facilitate discussion and guide work around sustainable thinking to create resources designed to mobilize libraries within their communities; plan related events and workshops for NYLA; and provide assistance to the NYLA Sustainable Library Certification Program.


Join us today by logging in to your personal NYLA account, click ‘Personal Record Detail’ from the left-hand menu – then click on ‘Add Sections / Round Tables’ from the list of options at the top.


Board and Officers

Nomination, Member-at-Large: Karie Schulenburg

photo of Karie Schulenburg

Karie's Statement:

As an early-career librarian, I have exerted much of my professional energies towards sustainable actions. 

Karie is currently working at The Center for Fiction in Brooklyn.


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