Library Funding Cut for the Fourth Time: Legislature Passes DRP that Increases Cuts to Libraries Beyond Governor’s Proposal

Mid-Year 2009

“The New York Library Association (NYLA) is outraged that the Legislature would actually agree to cut funding for libraries above what the Governor originally proposed in his Deficit Reduction Plan (DRP),“ stated Michael J. Borges, NYLA Executive Director.

Library funding has already been cut three times in the last 20 months, going from $102 million in 2007, to $99 million in 2008, to $91 million in April 2009, and now $87 million with this latest round of deficit reductions. This $4.2 million cut brings Library Aid down to 1998 levels.

“Despite record increases in library usage, especially among the unemployed using library resources to look for jobs or research new careers, the Legislature has ignored our role in providing educational services and critical information to people of all ages,” continued Mr. Borges.

“We are especially frustrated with the Senate Majority, where we have been unable so far to identify a library champion willing to stand up for libraries and vigorously make the case on our behalf to their colleagues. Despite being in control for almost a year, the Senate Majority has still not appointed members to the Subcommittee on Libraries or indicated a willingness to have a forum for library issues,” concluded Mr. Borges.

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