What's New at NYLA?

Library Swap Shop

Does your library have items in good condition that it no longer needs, but could be used in another library? We’re here to help!

NYLA recognizes that there is tremendous latitude in New York libraries. To facilitate the ease in which libraries might redistribute any materials and/or equipment they no longer need, NYLA has opened the Library Swap Shop! The Library Swap Shop is a place for libraries to connect with one another to exchange items that the library no longer needs.

To visit the Library Swap Shop, click here.

The Library Swap Shop includes free postings for:

  1. Books
  2. Computers
  3. Furniture
  4. Media
  5. Anything else a library might post!

Items that are for sale will be listed under the "Items for Sale" category.

How to find an item on the Library Swap Shop
Login with your INDIVIDUAL log-in to view listings. If you find an item you would like to take off another library's hands, simply contact the library using the information provided! From there, you can coordinate shipping.

Create a Posting

Organizational members of NYLA are invited to post a listing of their no longer needed materials and/or equipment so other libraries might take it off their hands.  Libraries will be responsible for pulling the listing down once it is claimed by its new library.

You will need to login with your COMPANY log-in information to create a listing. If you would like to post your items with a cost, please list them under the "Items for Sale" category.

To create a listing, click here.

NYLA Brief-inars

NYLA is pleased to announce the latest format for the delivery of continuing education... the NYLA Brief-inar! We know you are busy, and finding a convenient time for professional development can be a challenge, that is why we created the NYLA Brief-inar.

What is a Brief-inar?

Brief-inars are 12 minute long continuing education presentations that are available on demand. As our catalog grows, offerings will be sorted into groups.

Why 12 Minutes?
Five webinars at 12 minutes gets you a full hour of CE credit! Upon completion participants will gain access to a form to be signed by their direct supervisor to verify completion.

Offerings beginning in 2019!  Help us build a catalog of content

Do you want to present a NYLA Brief-inar? Use the online Brief-inar proposal submission form! All proposals will be reviewed by the NYLA CE committee. We are looking for proposals on topics including, but not limited to:

  1. Intellectual Freedom
  2. Technology
  3. Digital Literacy
  4. Community Outreach
  5. And more!

Tell us your program title, description, and two questions the brief-inar will answer. You will also be asked to place your presentation into a track.