OGS Green Procurement

Brought to you by the Sustainability Initiative (SI)

Wednesday, September 5

Learn about green purchasing and the opportunities that are available for using OGS centralized contracts. This webinar will explain how to use OGS contracts, describe the most frequently purchased green products and discuss the latest trends in green purchasing.

Presentation Outline

  1. How to Use OGS Contracts
    1. Intro to OGS & Procurement Services
    2. How to find & use the OGS contracts
  2. Frequently Purchased Green Products
    1. Finding green products
    2. Frequently purchased green products
    3. Upcoming contracts
  3. The GreenNY website
    1. Compostable Plates
    2. Green Labelling/Greenwashing
    3. Trends & Hot Topics

Presentation Slides

Please note: This was a free webinar and you will not receive CE credit.


Todd Gardner is a contract manager at the New York State Office of General Services where he leads the Green Procurement Team. This team was formed in April of 2017 to help purchasers find green products, to develop contracts for environmentally friendly products and services, and to identify the benefits of green purchasing. Todd also works with the Executive Order 4 Procurement Subcommittee which develops environmental specifications in support of the New York State Green Procurement and Agency Sustainability program.