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The Newsletter of the NYLA Sustainability Initiative

November 2018

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Making a Difference Together

The theme for this year’s NYLA Conference in Rochester, “Making a Difference Together,” aligns perfectly with the efforts of the sustainability initiative. Here's a list below of conference events and sessions that we think will inspire you to create a more sustainable library in your community.

Look for us at  booth #7 in the exhibit hall.
We’ll have some information to share, baskets to raffle, and much more. See you there!

Wondering where to eat in Rochester?
Check out Jen’s vegetarian friendly food picks.

And Don’t forget to bring your reusable water bottle or coffee cup, spork, cloth napkin, reusable straw and reusable notebook.


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Genesee Riverway Trail Fun-Run

Friday, November 9

6:30 AM – 8:00 AM

Approximately 3.5 miles

The Genesee Riverway Trail (GRT) is an off-road trail for walking, running, and bicycling along the Genesee River. The run will be approximately 4 miles, starting at the hotel and running to the University of Rochester, crossing the Genesee River for our return trip. A shorter loop or out and back course will also be available to accommodate all.  As this is a pre-dawn event, headlamp and reflective gear is suggested. 

Registration for this event is $8 per person. 
Proceeds to benefit the NYLA Sustainability Initiative Fund.


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Bold, Brave, and Leading the Way

Friday, November 9
3:45 pm

The NYLA Sustainability Initiative has provided the library community with the Sustainable Library Certification Program, a cutting-edge certification program, the first of its kind in the country and the first class of Community Change Agents, an advanced leadership development immersion program. This panel will feature library leaders participating in both programs and provide you with first-hand stories of how their work is impacting not only their library but their community as well.

NYLA Sustainability Initiative members: 
Geoffrey Kirkpatrick - Director Bethlehem Public Library
Lisa Kropp - Director Lindenhurst Memorial Library


Adult Programming: Beg, Borrow, Steal

Thursday, November 8
4:00 pm

Beg for help! Borrow supplies! Steal great ideas! Learn how to offer simple and engaging adult programs on a limited library budget. Participants will leave the session with over 50 low-cost, simple programs that they can implement in their library immediately. Passive programming ideas will be included. The second half of the session will be devoted to table talks with interactive crafts. Please bring an adult programming idea to share with the group.

Jenny Shonk, Finger Lakes Library System 
Brandi Rozelle, Waterloo Library and Historical Society


Engaging Your Community

Thursday, November 8
4:00 pm

New York State has libraries that serve communities that range from some of the smallest to some of the largest in the country.  We will discuss ideas and different approaches to help your library connect with local court systems, nonprofits, and other organizations in your community and how both your community and library can benefit. A question and answer period will provide an opportunity to share what is working in your own community and address specific challenges.

Brian Hasbrouck, Brooklyn Public Library
Thomas Vitale, Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System
Syntychia Kendrick-Samuel, Uniondale Public Library



Tactical Skills in Political Environments

Friday, November 9
8:30 am

Public, academic and school library leaders face a variety of political obstacles as we pursue our library's mission. How we think about and react to these obstacles is critical, especially when they come from those who fund us. This session will give guidance on framing and understanding your library's local political environment and offer practical tactics for leaders to use as they maneuver within it.

Cassie Guthrie, Greece Public Library


Promoting Compassion

Through Radically Inclusive Story Times

Friday, November 9
8:30 am

Librarians Amy Holland & Matt Krueger received a grant to create a story time series with the mission of promoting compassion and self-acceptance among parents and preschool-aged children. Guest presenters included a drag queen, a Muslim refugee, a U.S. Army veteran, and more. This presentation will explain th process with the aim of empowering librarians to create similar programs.

Mat Krueger, Irondequoit Public Library
Amy Holland, Irondequoit Public Library


Teaching Users to Engage with News

Friday, November 9
11:00 am

To battle "fake news" and misinformation in the press, we must do more than teach users how to effectively evaluate news sources; we need to teach our users how to consume and engage with the news in such a way that evaluating source content becomes second nature.  This presentation will explore some of the methods we have used to teach students to become successful news consumers, along with partnerships and programs we have formed in support of this effort.  We will introduce the concept of building an information portfolio and applying a new model of evaluation (FACTS) to assess sources at multiple levels.

Jennifer Freer, Rochester Institute of Technology
Lara Nicosia, Rochester Institute of Technology


Active Hope and Restorative Justice

Friday, November 9
11:00 am

The Rochester schools  seek to disable the school to prison pipeline, reduce the need for policing and security in schools, and create opportunities for conflicts to contribute to learning, moral development, and empathy for all. The presenter will focus her talk and Q&A on the work the M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence is doing with young people in Rochester schools and elsewhere. She’ll be sharing their practices with a focus on three areas that promote community understanding and well-being.  First, she’ll talk about how adults can lead by healing and prioritizing relationships with other adults.  What we do teaches young people more than any curriculum. Next, she’ll talk about how we can work towards a consistent relational ethic for all of the spaces youth are in and how libraries can play a critical role in that effort. Last, Kit will talk about the issue of adultism and describe ways young people can lead and engage in inspirational and deeply meaningful ways, thus offering a new vision for other youth and adults too.The MK Gandhi Institute's work draws from Kingian and Gandhian Nonviolence, Nonviolent Communication, and Restorative Practices and stands in contrast to punitive models.

Kit Miller, M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence


From Futuring to Innovation

Friday, November 9
2:15 pm

Trend-thinking is a starting point for futuring – and can be a powerful tool for innovation. This session will have attendees consider different trends and how they might align with their professional values.Through minor modification of near-term trends or bold proposals for longer-term trends, we can play with the future and propose innovations that speak to the future of libraries.

Miguel Figueroa, American Library Association, Center for the Future of Libraries


Conversation with a Bunch of Millennials

Friday, November 9
2:15 pm

Confused by the modern social justice landscape? Just want to know what millenials are thinking? We aren't inscrutable, we swear! Explore the hottest topics hitting your feeds with a panel of millennials and learn how to engage in discussions about social justice without engaging in a voyeuristic dialogue or further alienating harmed groups.

Jhani Miller, Urban Librarians Unite
Anastasia Chiu, Stony Brook University
Christina Gavin, Herbert H. Lehman HS


20 Ways to Make a Difference

Saturday, November 10
11:00 am

WEB: The Maker Movement is a movement of people, not of things. Kids can "make" a difference with their minds, their hearts, and their hands. Learn about simple, low cost ways that children can help local organizations through community service making opportunities. Library programs can be modified and replicated to accommodate specific age groups and funding backgrounds.

Kristina Holzweiss, Bay Shore Middle School


We Still Persist - Women's Leadership Panel

Saturday, November 10
11:00 am

Join your colleagues in a discussion on leadership at all levels and other challenges affecting women in the profession. Q&A format.

Barbara Kay Stripling, Syracuse University/NYLA Immediate Past President
Gail Brown, Manager of Youth & Family Services & Early Literacy Specialist, Voorheesville Public Library
Annalee Giraldo, Director, Kinderhook Memorial Library
Jill Dugas Hughes, Director, East Greenbush Community Library


Changing Beliefs Through Teacher Leadership

Saturday, November 10
11:00 am

SSL Membership meeting with guest Dr. Jen Cannell. Librarians have a powerful voice as leaders in their school, district, and  profession. How are we doing at meeting the leadership challenge presented through our roles as both instructional leaders and change agents? Have we been intentional in our practice as teacher leaders or do we constantly find ourselves reacting to the crisis of the day? Participants will reflect on their own  leadership qualities and how best to use their strengths to continue changing beliefs through teacher leadership.


Dr. Jennifer Cannell, Capital Region BOCES; NYLA Sustainability Initiative committee member


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Help create a Statewide Book Club for March 2019

 Tell Me Something Good: Drawdown, the Book Club Toolkit

Friday, December 7th from 10am to noon
Register here.

Be a co-creator!  Join us for an online group planning session to develop ideas for action items that libraries can use to help reduce global warming, such as book club questions, partnership possibilities & activities.

Shape the Drawdown, the Book Club  Toolkit launching in January 2019!


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