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Volume 2, Issue 7 | July 2018



We're All In This Together: ALA Envisions a More Sustainable Future for All

The Final Report of the American Library Association's Special Task Force on Sustainability was presented to the Council of the American Library Association (ALA) at the recent ALA Annual Conference held in New Orleans. The report was chartered by the ALA Executive Board to increase the adoption and implementation of sustainable practices by ALA, the profession, libraries, and the communities that we serve.

Sustainability was named a major national trend in the 2018 State of America's Libraries Report and the high interest in the topic is evidenced by the participation of more than 680 ALA members in the online forums and Perceptions Survey conducted by the task force. Findings of the survey indicate that ALA is not currently seen as a leader on the topic of sustainability.

The task force followed the lead of the NYLA-SI and have adopted the "triple bottom line" framework of sustainability to guide its work: "To be truly sustainable, an organization or community must embody practices that are environmentally sound and economically feasible and socially equitable."

Graphic: Sustainable Thinking, ALA Editions, 2018

Graphic: Sustainable Thinking, ALA Editions, 2018

Three themes were identified and confirmed through the work of the task force, noting the opportunities for the association and libraries to take the lead in strategically making the world a better place through the triple bottom line approach:

  • Inspiration & Catalyst
  • Conveners & Connectors, and
  • Contribute to Community Resilience.

The report outlines 52 recommendations with an emphasis on education for stakeholders within the organization to inspire widespread understanding and adoption of a "sustainable thinking" mindset. The task force noted that the attention to the topic of sustainability needs to be a part of the organization-wide effort to create a modern association for a modern profession and that this topic can help to create a cohesive rallying point across all disciplines and types of libraries.

To read the full report, including recommendations specifically for libraries on the frontlines of serving communities visit https://bit.ly/2lfAXdl



Don’t worry if you missed our webinar Disaster Planning and Community Resiliency at Your Library on June 20th, we recorded it! Michele Stricker, Deputy New Jersey State Librarian, will help you and your library embrace a new role as Information First Responders. Learn how to quickly enable people to get back to work, back to their lives, and ensure recovery of the community’s economic life. Your library can be at the forefront in providing that safe haven in times of crisis and helping your community return to normal life.

Click here to access slides and resources mentioned in this webinar.



Save the Dates for the next two webinars in the 2019 SI Webinar Series

September 5: Green Procurement: NYS Office of General Services with Todd Gardner, Office of General Service Green Procurement Team
October 10: Libraries Contribute to Economic Development with Barbara Madonna, Director, Gloversville Public Library




The Sustainability Initiative is the beneficiary of 2 upcoming fundraising events. The Empire State Libraries Fundraiser Golf Outing and Banquet is Thursday, September 27th at the Great Rock Golf Course in Wading River, NY (Suffolk County).  Tee off and support the New Yorkers for Better Libraries political action group, the NYLA Legal Defense Fund and the SI.  

And if you’re planning to attend this year’s NYLA Annual Conference & Trade Show in Rochester on November 7-10, be sure to join us for the Genesee Riverway Trail Fun Run on the 9th at 6:30am. All skill levels welcome! Info is on the Special Events page.


GET with the PROGRAM

The movement has begun. You can be the first on your block to join the Sustainable Library Certification Program. Nearly 40 libraries statewide have signed up to change the way they interact with their communities.

This cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind benchmarking system helps you position your library as a community leader, helping to make the world a better place while proving that libraries are a smart investment for our future.

The program will lead your library’s administration, board, and staff through a series of activities to foster an organizational culture in your library that will position the library to contribute to the realization of a more sustainable, resilient, and regenerative community.

A recording of the introductory webinar is now available on NYLA's YouTube Channel. Read the press release and FAQs about the program, talk to your administration and board, then join the program and get on your way to being a Certified Sustainable Library.




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