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Volume 2, Issue 5 | May 2018



Do these images look familiar?

This is Bulk Pick-up Day in one village in the Hudson Valley. Overnight some of these piles will get smaller as people drive around and take stuff they can use, but the vast majority of this ends up in the landfill. This happens twice a year in this village. Think of all the potentially useful tools, gear, furniture and equipment that gets junked. Makes you kind of sick, doesn’t it?  Instead of junking your castoffs, provide your community with an opportunity to fix it at a Repair Cafe! There are 14 official Repair Cafés in New York. Contact your nearest group and find out about hosting an event at your library or start your own!

Patchogue-Medford Library, Mamakating Library, Desmond Fish Library and the Community Library of DeWitt & Jamesville have all hosted Repair Cafés.

Patchogue-Medford Library


Mamakating Library


Community Library of DeWitt & Jamesville


To help get you started, check out the slideshow of a Department of Environmental Conservation webinar from 2017 that talks about Repair Cafés in the state (starts on slide 14).



Our brand new webinar series kicks off June 20th with Disaster Planning and Community Resiliency at Your Library on Wednesday, June 20 from 11:00am-12:00pm Register online

This webinar will provide you with guidance on how to prepare your library to respond to the next disaster or crisis and to support community resiliency.

Recent catastrophes have highlighted the important role public libraries play in enhancing their community’s resiliency and post-disaster recovery efforts. Many community leaders now view libraries as ad hoc disaster recovery centers and recognize librarians as Information First Responders. This presentation will help you and your library embrace this new role as Information First Responders, who quickly enable people to get back to work, back to their lives, and ensure recovery of the community’s economic life. Learn what you need to prepare before disaster strikes, guided by New Jersey State Library’s Disaster Preparedness & Community Resiliency Toolkit, which has been emergency-tested by libraries. Your library can be at the forefront in providing that safe haven in times of crisis and helping your community return to normal life.
Presented by: Michele Stricker, Deputy State Librarian for Lifelong Learning, New Jersey State Library

Save the Dates for the next two webinars in the 2019 SI Webinar Series
September 5: Green Procurement: NYS Office of General Services with Todd Gardner, Office of General Service Green Procurement Team
October 10: Libraries Contribute to Economic Development with Barbara Madonna, Director, Gloversville Public Library



National Bike to Work Week 2018 is May 14–18. Bike to Work Day is May 18!

Last year the Haverstraw King’s Daughters Public Library partnered with the Haverstraw Police Department, Rockland County Department of Health, and area bike shops to host a Bicycle Rodeo. Kids learned bike safety, did obstacle courses, and had a blast.


GET with the PROGRAM

The movement has begun. You can be the first on your block to join the Sustainable Library Certification Program. Nearly 40 libraries statewide have signed up to change the way they interact with their communities.

This cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind benchmarking system helps you position your library as a community leader, helping to make the world a better place while proving that libraries are a smart investment for our future.

The program will lead your library’s administration, board, and staff through a series of activities to foster an organizational culture in your library that will position the library to contribute to the realization of a more sustainable, resilient, and regenerative community.

A recording of the introductory webinar is now available on NYLA's YouTube Channel. Read the press release and FAQs about the program, talk to your administration and board, then join the program and get on your way to being a Certified Sustainable Library.



Some of us on the NYLA-SI are reading Drawdown, edited by Paul Hawken. In its coverage of the book, Vox.com wrote, "Unlike most popular books on climate change, it is not a polemic or a collection of anecdotes and exhortations. In fact, with the exception of a few thoughtful essays scattered throughout, it’s basically a reference book: a list of solutions, ranked by potential carbon impact, each with cost estimates and a short description. A set of scenarios show the cumulative potential.

“It is fascinating, a powerful reminder of how narrow a set of solutions dominates the public’s attention. Alternatives range from farmland irrigation to heat pumps to ride-sharing.

“The number one solution, in terms of potential impact? A combination of educating girls and family planning, which together could reduce 120 gigatons of CO2-equivalent by 2050 — more than on- and offshore wind power combined (99 GT)."



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